Flaunting Your Spending Is “So Pre-Recession”

Senseless extravagant spending is out, but sensible extravagant spending for charity is alive and well. Therefore I bring you… drum roll please.

The Sunshine Church Food Pantry

Non-Profit Golf Lesson Marathon.


When: April 18th. All Day.

Where: The Highlands Golf Club

Who: The special people who love to support those in need.

More Details:


For a small $100 donation to The Sunshine Church Food Pantry you will receive a FREE private personalized coaching session from PGA Golf Guru Scott Seifferlein and the 3D wireless K-VEST training system.

The Sunshine Church is located on East Beltline just south of 4 mile Road. To learn more visit www.sunshinechurch.org

The Highlands Golf Club is located at 2715 Leonard St. NW. To learn more visit www.highlandsgr.com

Scott Seifferlein is located at The Highlands Golf Club. To learn more visit www.grandrapidsgolflesson.com

The K-VEST is only available in 3 locations across Michigan. This revolutionary technology will do for your game what all other golf pros could not.

100% of the donation will be going to the Sunshine Church Food Pantry.

Sign up: Call Sunshine Church 364-4242

Or Email: Jim Pike-president of the deacons



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