NASCAR & Golf, The Perfect Couple?


NASCAR and The PGA of America have teamed up to offer free golf lessons to patrons of the MIS Sprint Cup Series. Why on earth would they do this?

1. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport.

2. NASCAR fans are open minded and willing to change. This makes them great students of the game.

3. NASCAR fans love golf. They are frequent players.

3. Golf has dropped off in popularity and the PGA is looking for a way to put fun back in the game. NASCAR is fun. NASCAR knows how to market.

4. The Fan Plaza at the MIS should be re-named the Fun Plaza. My wife took Lucas around while I gave golf lessons. List of fun things they did and pictures.

5. NASCAR has figured out how to get 100,000 people to pay between $40 and $140 per person plus hundreds more for parking, food, logo merchandise and travel from thousands of miles away just for a 90 minute race. Golf can’t figure out how to get 100 people to play 18 holes of golf for less than $20 an hour.





Disturbing Image of the Day:


We gave more golf lessons in five hours to men and women with bellies hanging out than we have in our entire careers. No Photo Necessary.So should golf go to tank tops, flip flops and a beer in each hand?

Place your vote at



Photos of Lucas having fun in the Fan Plaza:

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