July Golf Newsletter

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In this issue

Explosives Enclosed! WARNING: This month’s issue contains 5 Golf

Fireworks. Handle with care.

*Bang! Michael Jackson Moonwalk Contest- Page 2

*Boom! Have Your Debtors Legs Broken- Page 3

*Ka-Pow! Your Best Investment & The Neurons in your head- Page 4

*Bang, Bang, Bang! Hole-In-One and more!- Page 5

*Join The Golfer Accountability Page!- Page 6

*Ba-Boom! Declare Your Independence From Bogies- Page 8


How-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletter

JulyGolfNewsletter Click Here

Don’t Forget The LPGA Pro-Am on July 13th. This is a great opportunity for you to witness the best

 players in the world up front on the practice tee. Crowds are light for this event. Get up close views

 of their swings!


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