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The Three Things Tiger Woods does that you can do…

Even if you are not 6’2″ 180 lbs with a washboard stomach


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written by Scott Seifferlein PGA Golf Guru

Golf Instructor To The PGA Tour Pro’s Visits Grand Rapids

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Here is a snippet of what you will learn:

What I learned about golf that they never taught me in golf school.

Your old friend Scott Seifferlein here: with a message about golf schools. I was sifting through old files the other day and came across some notes I had from a golf school back in the 1990’s. (You know, back when clubs were made of persimmon, everything was black & white & people listened to music on things called CD’s)

Anyways, as I reviewed the notes I saw the typical golf school stuff about how to bend, how to grip, how to stand, blah, blah, blah. But not once in over 20 pages of notes could I find anything about impact and how the impact position directly affects ball flight. Sheeesh! Maybe that is stuff you have to figure out on your own- through your own blood, blisters and sweat.

Well Now There Is A Better Way! 

This Labor Day Weekend, I have invited a very special guest to town. We shall call him Mr. X.

Why is Mr. X such a special guest?  Because he has been a golf instructor on the PGA Tour all year long; Following the best players in the world; Working side by side with other top PGA Tour golf instructors. He teaches impact and how it directly affects your ball flight.

“Best Investment I’ve Made In The Last 5 Years”

I present to you the 1st Annual PGA Tour Guest Golf Instructor Golf School

Date: September 5th 2009

Time: 9:00am – 5pm (lunch included)

Where: The Highlands Golf Academy 2715 Leonard St. NW

Why: To teach you impact, lengthen your drives, lower your scores & benefit Patriot Golf Day!

Who: Open to all golfers regardless of handicap who want to be brilliant & fabulous. (See Marianne Williamson quote below)

Limited to 8 participants. Minimum of 6.

Investment- $300 (Includes Lunch, Video, 3D Technology & Take Home Booklet)

**$50 of every entry fee will go towards Patriot Golf Day and the Folds of Honor Foundation** 

Scott Seifferlein & Mr. X will be presenting the topics you should have learned at golf school. Here is what you will learn.

  • What really happens at impact and how a slight adjustment can add 20 yards to your tee-shot.
  • The easiest way to hit a golf ball and why you don’t have to be an athlete to accomplish it.
  • How to call your shots like Babe Ruth.
  • The secrets to getting up and down in 2 shots from 100 yards and in.

Mr. X and his colleagues have worked with PGA Tour players including- Mike Weir, Charlie Wi, Troy Matteson, Will Mackenzie, Eric Axley, Dean Wilson, J.J. Henry, Alex Cjeka, Aaron Baddeley, Joe Ogilvie, Harrison Frazier, Jason Gore, Brad Faxon, Corey Pavin, Jesper Parnevik, Richard Johnson, Ulrik Johansson, Fredrick Jacobsen & John Cook.

 Call 616-802-4969 to Register.  RSVP by September 2nd

“Hi Scott, I had my best round of the summer yesterday. I shot a 43 with 16 putts. Thanks.” Kent McPherson, Ada, MI

“Greetings Scott … just had to say thanks and share some recent success. As you know, I typically would score in the low forties for nine holes. Thanks to your tailored approach to teaching, my recent scores have been 39, 42, 37, 38, and 37. And, I also know where I wasted shots during these rounds. I have never had so much fun, thank you.” Dick O’Connell, EHS Mgr, Country Fresh, LLC  Grand Rapids

Bonus Video Golf Tip

Bonus Video Golf Tip-

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“The Ball Went Quite A Bit Further”
“Best Investment I’ve Made”
“Awesome, I Love It”
“A Lot More Confident”
“I Highly Recommend Scott”
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7:37am??? Scott, are you crazy?

Why so early in the morning?… My college coach always had team try-outs the last week of October. 6 grueling rounds in cold, rain, leaves, snow and wind. Why? Because he wanted dedicated golfers. And I want dedicated clients. By getting up early enough to call or fax in your 2010 golf improvement application, you are proving yourself to be a dedicated client.

Your Partner In Golf Success,
Scott Seifferlein
PGA Golf Guru at
The Highlands Golf Academy
2715 Leonard St. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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Golf Lessons For Clunkers

Dear Rabid Golf Fans,

Looking to lose some of the clutter in your closet this fall? What if you could trade something in-and get something back? ….YOU CAN! Get rid of old, worn-out junk clubs by finding out their trade-in network value at


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Call Scott Seifferlein of Grand Rapids Golf Lessons at 616-802-4969 for more details.

Golf Lessons will be held at the Highlands Academy 2715 Leonard St. NW

Golf Lessons For Clunkers Program Expires in Conjunction with the idiots that are in charge of the government run Cash For Clunkers Program. 

Your Partner In Golf Success,

Scott Seifferlein
PGA Golf Guru
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1,000th Client Contest

The 1,000th client contest begins August 18th. Each referral will win you $10 in golf lesson certificates and the 1,000 client will win $1,000 in golf lessons spread out over 5 years. Follow updates on Facebook & Twitter.  See what happened to the 800th client!

800th Client Contest Results

Jason Van Vuren won the 800th Client Contest! 

Thank you to the following people who contributed referrals and won $8 each in golf lesson certificates.

Kristen Reid, Pat Stapleton, Justin Hales, Jim Berry, Kevin Patterson, Tim Hile, Greg Wisz, Logan Meyer, Sue Scharf, Bill Badgerow, Mark DeHaan, Marisa Pahkala, Shanna Goff, Heidi Jacobson, Tom Picardy, Mark Williamson

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