2010 Golf Improvement Memberships

2010 Golf Improvement Memberships will launch August 17th at 7:37am to a private list. Join this list by e-mailing info@grandrapidsgolflesson.com with the subject line (put me on your launch list) and I will send you the 2010 Golf Improvement Memberships with the best savings of the year. Up to $150 off plus your choice of over $400 in Gifts.

Bonus Gifts include-
  • Dinner at Marco’s ($20 value)
  • Free Range Membership at The Highlands for Sept. & October ($50 value)
  • Personalized Golf Legends T-shirt ($priceless)
  • 3 hours of free, no purchase required marketing consulting from MarketingHelp! ($375 value)


Reminder- The launch will be at 7:37am on August 17th and this will go out to a private list only. You will not receive the launch info nor will you be able to participate if you do not make a special request by e-mail to be on the private launch list.

7:37am??? Scott, are you crazy?

Why so early in the morning?… My college coach always had team try-outs the last week of October. 6 grueling rounds in cold, rain, leaves, snow and wind. Why? Because he wanted dedicated golfers. And I want dedicated clients. By getting up early enough to call or fax in your 2010 golf improvement application, you are proving yourself to be a dedicated client.

Your Partner In Golf Success,
Scott Seifferlein
PGA Golf Guru
GrandRapidsGolfLesson.com at
The Highlands Golf Academy
2715 Leonard St. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
P.S. Not ready to invest but still want to get 2009 prices? A $100 deposit secures 2009 prices guaranteed for 5 years. Call 616-802-4969 to have guaranteed pricing for 5 years.
P.P.S. A limited number of your 2010 sessions may be used this fall or over the winter based on availability.


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