Why Padraig Harrington became Tiger Woods Whipping Boy

Do you have someone in your life that makes your palms sweat, legs tremble, brain freeze? Do you forget how to walk and talk when you are around them?

Perhaps it is your boss, someone you would like to ask out, or the Sumo Wrestler down the street. For PGA Tour Players it is Tiger Woods. Go to any tour event and watch these professionals pure shot after shot on the driving range.

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They all hit it good enough on the range to score in the high 50’s and low 60’s all week long. Sometimes they even manage a few of these low to mid 60’s scores throughout the week. Until Sunday when they are paired with Tiger. Even one of golf’s all time grittiest competitors (Padraig Harrington) is not immune to looking like a 30 handicapper when Tiger Woods stares him down.
Just yesterday on the 16th hole Padraig held a one stroke lead while Tiger was laying up on the par 5 16th. Padraig also had to lay up but had a brain fart or a seizure through impact and bombed his lay up all the way through the fairway into an upsloap on the left side. From there he had a nearly impossible 3rd shot to where he couldn’t do better than long right of the green. But that is only the beginning.
With Tiger knocking a 178 yard 8 iron to 12 inches, Padraig started to sweat like a school boy who had just wet himself after being threatened by the 1st grade bully. He proceeded to chunk/skull his 4th shot across the front of the green and into the water. From there he took a penalty and 3 more strokes to get in the hole for a game changing 8. Snowman, double circles, quadruple bogey, whatever you want to call it. Game, set, match. Tiger win #70.


You are always asking me, “Scott, I just can’t seem to get through a round without having that one bad hole. Why can’t I maintain my round just like a tour player.”


You mean those tour players that don’t have your 50 hour a week desk job? Those same tour players who work out 10 to 15 hours a week with their trainer? Eat healthier than you and have dedicated their entire lives to golf? Those same tour players who make an 8 on the 16th hole Sunday afternoons?


Sounds kind of like an unreasonable request doesn’t it? Those bad holes are just going to happen. You are not going to get rid of them. But what you can do is turn them from 9’s to 8’s. Or 8’s to 7’s. You can get a half stroke better on your best holes. You can make gradual improvements to your overall game. You can control how you react to the 8 and how you play the remaining holes. 

Here’s A Good Book Title: Really tough and tough-minded golfers turn what others experience as tough times into enormous opportunity, because they’re nearly alone in even trying to do so. It’s a very good if thinly populated place to be. I’m there. In fact I have the audacity to launch 2010 golf improvement memberships over 7 months in advance of the golf season. And where, may I ask, are you?

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7:37am??? Scott, are you crazy?

Why so early in the morning?… My college coach always had team try-outs the last week of October. 6 grueling rounds in cold, rain, leaves, snow and wind. Why? Because he wanted dedicated golfers. And I want dedicated clients. By getting up early enough to call or fax in your 2010 golf improvement application, you are proving yourself to be a dedicated client.

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Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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