Golf Lessons For Clunkers

Dear Rabid Golf Fans,

Looking to lose some of the clutter in your closet this fall? What if you could trade something in-and get something back? ….YOU CAN! Get rid of old, worn-out junk clubs by finding out their trade-in network value at


Give your old junk clubs to Golf instructor: Scott Seifferlein to:


the retail value of those golf clubs in Golf Lessons!

Call Scott Seifferlein of Grand Rapids Golf Lessons at 616-802-4969 for more details.

Golf Lessons will be held at the Highlands Academy 2715 Leonard St. NW

Golf Lessons For Clunkers Program Expires in Conjunction with the idiots that are in charge of the government run Cash For Clunkers Program. 

Your Partner In Golf Success,

Scott Seifferlein
PGA Golf Guru
Watch This Video!


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