Weird E-mail Trick Gets You Free Golf Insight

This Weird E-mail Trick Gets


You Golf Insight For Free


I’ll get back to the free golf insight in a moment but I have a short story to tell first.

With the rain storm that came in the other day my clients were rescheduled and it gave me some time to reflect on the year. And what a good year it has been. Our golf lesson business is up 176% to date compared to 2008 and profits are up 856% to date. But of greater importance to you I am implementing a new program where you can get FREE golf insight and help with your marketing.

Earlier this year I had a local company employ my services to consult with them and help them increase their profits just as I had increased our own. And in the short time we worked together (I only offered them a few hours per month so I could continue to teach golf full time) during the most challenging time since the 1970’s and early 80’s, their sales were up 10%. And they are in the luxury goods market none the less! Additionally, throughout the summer I continually had clients complimenting our marketing and requesting assistance with their own marketing.

So I faced a dilemma — Take time away from assisting my clients with their golf needs to help them with their marketing needs, or ignore their requests all together. After some reflection I found a solution! This solution allows me to remain your full time golf instructor and consult with your business without taking any time away from golf. Let me introduce you to the:







This program is exclusively devoted to helping you get better at golf and increase your ROI from marketing dollars so you can afford to play even more golf!

And the investment on your part to participate? I’m glad you asked. That is the best part. It is a completely FREE program. All you have to do is buy me lunch.

Here is how the whole thing works.

1. Schedule your lunch with Scott Seifferlein at The Highlands any day Monday through Friday*.

2. Send an e-mail to with a preview of materials you would like to discuss over lunch.

3. Talk golf or marketing whichever you prefer.

4. Buy lunch and implement the strategies you learn immediately after lunch.

*lunches will begin at 2 minutes after the hour and end promptly at 5 minutes before the next hour. (That’s 53 minutes for the mathematically challenged)


Why Am I Doing This?


1. We have lunch every day. We ought to make it productive.

2. The more you think about golf and learn new strategies the better you will play.

3. The more efficient your marketing and sales become the more time and money you will have to play golf.

What are your


business benefits?

You will learn how to:

  • Establish a sole USP and build awareness of such USP
  • Create personality in your copy
  • How to avoid any brand building salesman that walks through the door.
  • Develop scripts and systems to help turn your staff from monkeys in the asylum to selling machines so powerful they will need a weapons permit.
  • Develop an on-line and off-line follow-up system that gets you in the A pile.
  • Develop Publicity through charity events and unique stories.
  • How to use video and social networking to explode your profits.
  • How to get people to work for you for FREE.
  • How to implement 62 of Golf’s Greatest Headlines in your own business. Even if you sell something as boring as Business Insurance.
  • How to create Great, passionate, benefit-loaded copy that tells the reader the full story of why people just like them are picking up the phone now and calling for your widget.
  • How to use contests to get your prospects to write all your copy and pay for your marketing.


What are your golf benefits?


    You will learn how to:

  • Visualize the perfect pitch
  • Gain 15 more yards in 5 minutes
  • Pure your putts
  • Beat fairway bunkers
  • Shoot par without hitting a good shot
  • Putt consistently from any distance
  • Stick it from greenside sand
  • Play long clubs from fairway bunkers
  • Knock it low into the wind
  • Hit delicate chips
  • Warm up with three simple keys
  • Stop beating balls



So what is the weird


e-mail trick that gets


you free golf advice?

In case you missed the steps above the e-mail “trick” is this.


Send an e-mail to to schedule your lunch and if desired send a preview of materials (golf or business) you would like to discuss over lunch.


Here’s What West Michigan


Businesses Say About


Scott Seifferlein’s Marketing


“Scott Seifferlein’s dynamic approach to marketing and proven willingness to “think outside the box” has brought us significantly improved results in 2009. In this challenging market, our golf dues are up almost 10% in comparison to 2008 and our other membership dues (social and dining) are up 5%. Scott brings to the table many ideas and more importantly, ways to incorporate those ideas, to help ensure successful results. I’d also have to add that many of his ideas would never have been considered by myself or our Marketing Committee. Thanks, Scott, for your energy and unique approach to a very challenging matter.”

Rich Ter Haar

PGA Professional

Railside Golf Club

Byron Center, Michigan


“You need to get paid for your writing!”

Susie Gordon

Marketing Consultant



“You’re CONSTANTLY marketing yourself in creative and imaginative ways. Kudos to you.”

Michael A. Cagen, CCIM

Senior Associate

National Multi Housing Group

Marcus & Millichap

99 Monroe Avenue NW

Suite 201

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


“Scott, I just wanted to let you know I really like your online marketing efforts! I follow quite a few info-preneurs and really think you have done a great job of carving out a great niche. Keep up the great work!”
Pete Brand
Mindscape at Hanon McKendry


“Hi Scott.  I’m writing today just to tell you that I think that this PostScript is HILARIOUS. I think that it shows the kind of personality that someone would be comfortable learning from. It is such a nice “marketing” move, that I felt inspired to write and tell you! Hope all is well.”
Pamela Houtteman
Placement/Retention Specialist
Michigan WORKS!
Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids
1560 Leonard St., NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


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  1. I coulden’t have said it any better my self, the author know what he is talking about. I can tell from the comments above that most people agree to.


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