Halloween Golf Update

Every golfer’s brain is full of ghosts, ogres and demons. The ghosts have names like “I’ve Always Done It this Way”…. “I Can’t Do That Because I’ve Never Done That And That’s Not The Way It’s Done”.
The ghosts are in active conspiracy to make the future the past.The ogres are the unwilling, the uncooperative, the incompetent, the uninformed and ignorant who sabotage change and progress at every opportunity.The demons are our own fears, doubts, insecurities and anxieties, our worries about what others will think of us if we do ‘x’, our hostage-like separation anxiety over firing our playing partners who provide lousy golf advice, the IDIOT club fitter who also tries to be a swing position expert, our fearful preference for what we have even if it is not working well or making us happy vs. a different path with uncertain outcome.
Most golf pros that I know and work with are fearless even to a fault, most ordinary golfers are fearful to fault.
It reminds of General Schwarzkopf’s insistence that making a bad decision and plowing ahead implementing it is better than making no decision at all, because it is usually easier to change course than to get started.
He said “usually”; he didn’t say “always.” And hardly anything is “always” true. Which connects to a particular aspect of most golf pro’s fearlessness: we are quite willing to take a lot of lumps, to suffer losses and embarrassment and occasional public flogging in order to get what we want, and quick to rebound from our mis-steps.
Egg on our faces just doesn’t scare us. Freddie on the other hand… Freddy Krueger 
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