Avoid This Christmas Mistake With Your Spouse

Lucas and I were in the mall today at a retail golf store. We were practicing our putting and lo and behold, we saw several men and women browsing around the store with confused looks on their faces. At 2 years old, Lucas didn’t take much notice, but I knew the look. I have seen it before. It’s the “Oh crap, my husband/wife asked for the 9.5 degree, Nasa plutonium shafted, jimmy-doo-hicky, high launch driver from, oh what was it, Taylorland, or was it Clevemade?” look.

Husbands and wives, please, do me a favor. Do not ask for golf equipment for Christmas! That is not until you have been properly fitted and can write down in vast detail the exact make and model of the latest doo-hicky driver that you want. Because if you just say get me the “9.5 degree, Nasa plutonium shafted, jimmy-doo-hicky, high launch driver from TaylorMade”, you will be lucky to get it and when you do get it, the thing will work just as poorly and slice the ball just as far as your original jimmy-doo-hicky driver. Get Fitted!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Great advice! I don’t understand how people can buy a club off the rack for someone else. Unless they know the correct type of shaft and length of the club it’s usually a waste of money. Best to get fitted for every club in your bag. Then you know they actually fit!
    Buy a gift certificate instead and let the golfer pick out his or her own club!


  2. I really got a great laugh out of that. Twice


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