Tiger Woods Next Recovery Act on WZZM TV13

PGA Tour Pro Reveals Affairs
Aren’t Just For Politicians 



Tiger Woods Recovery Act Video on WZZM TV13 Posted at www.grandrapidsgolflesson.com
Tiger Woods reveals his transgressions as Presidents, Governors, Senators and many other politicians have done for years. He just wasn’t expecting all the media coverage. Everyone is now asking, “What’s next for Tiger?”, “Will his game be effected?”  


First and foremost I want all our young golfers and sports lovers to know that Athletes are NOT role models for personal behavior. This is a prime example of that.  Athletes should be role models for how to accomplish an athletic motion at the highest level and no more.  For personal behavior role models our young athletes should start with the New Testament. As for Tiger’s next Recovery Act, his focus and ability to put aside distractions is legendary. And I expect nothing different here. 

Physically Tiger will be no different, he works harder than anyone out there. These distractions will be a mental hurdle more than a physical hurdle. Don’t expect his ability to hit 330 yard drives change one bit.

Tiger suggests that personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions. But he has chosen to put his life in the public arena as a result of his career choice. No different than Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina and several other presidents and senators who have gone public with their affairs.

Recovery Act- He has shown us that he can win in all conditions at all types of courses. He has shown us that he can win on one leg. But this is different. This is a family issue with different distractions. The last time Tiger had family distractions was in 2006 when his father passed. As you remember Tiger missed the cut in the 2006 U.S. Open as a result of those distractions. It took him a few months to recover from his father’s death, but when he did he started winning again.


Tiger is probably on his Yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, he’ll stay out of the spotlight for a month or so and he will be winning again by February.

In all this is a mere blip on the map compared to what you see in the political arena and other troubled professional sports such as football and basketball.






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