Tips for your winter golf trip down south

Headed to Florida, Arizona or somewhere else sunny eh? Planning on playing a little golf? Think you’ll hit some good shots?

Not so fast Tiger. You will need to implement a few critical steps in order to take your Michigan game down south. Now that it has been a month or two since you have played, you have lost a little touch and your golf muscles have tightened up.

1.  You have just gotten off the plane and you have a tee time in 2 hours. You are in a rush to get your bags, get a limo and make it to the course in time to pick up a fancy logo golf shirt. While you wait for your bags to be unloaded make sure you use this time to do a few stretches. Yes, right there in the baggage claim area. If anyone looks at you funny, just growl and say “I eat small children”. You’ll have plenty of space to get loosened up after that.

2.  Drink plenty of water on the flight down. Your water intake up north typically decreases during the winter months. But down south it is still warm enough for you to dehydrate faster than your parents burned doobies at a Grateful Dead concert.

3.  Wear a lot of sunblock. #50 or higher.  You won’t play your best golf if your face is on fire for the back nine.

4.  Hit plenty of chip shots before you tee off. The grass down there is narly and grows in all directions. Kind of like Uncle Marv’s hairpiece. You will need to spend some time getting adjusted to how the ball bounces and spins around the greens. When the grass is growing opposite the direction you want your ball to go make sure you use more swing than you normally would. You will be surprised how much the grass grabs your club.

Good luck and let us know how many birdies you make at

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