12 Days of Christmas Days 8 – 12

On the 8th Day. Eight foot putts are a good distance to practice your putting. This distance along with the three to seven foot range is a place you will often find yourself after a good chip shot. There is no greater reward to a good chip shot than converting the putt. One tool that helps you with eight footers is the Effortless Putting System found at www.grandrapidsgolflesson.com/store.html
On the 9th Day. Here are the nine ball flights that you should be aware of so you can begin to understand how to make adjustments when they create problems in your game.

On the 10th Day: 10 Things Obama Might Learn From Tiger Courtesy of Golf Digest: 1. The Quick Recovery. 2. The Cold Ferocity. 3. How To Step On Their Necks. 4. The Trouble With Compromise. 5. The Value Of A Few ‘Majors’. 6. Controlling The Message — And Spending. 7. The Swing Change. 8. Close The Deal. 9. You’ve Got To Deliver. 10. The Danger Of Looking Ridiculous. To learn more about these 10 ‘Golf Related’ Tips check out the January 2010 Issue of Golf Digest.

On the 11th Day. Think you want to be more consistent? Just remember, PGA Tour players are just as inconsistent as you are. Their scores have a much greater range than most people realize. Year after year I have clients that complain about scoring 90 one day and then 100 the next. Yet any given PGA Tour player has a scoring range of 63 to 84 year after year. And they make double digit numbers too. Check out Daly’s eleven swings at Bay Hill a few years ago:. http://www.scratch-golfer.com/DalyRollsan11atBayHill.htm
On the 12th Day. Twelve degrees forward applies to the amount of forward hip bend you create at set-up. This is by no means an absolute. There are all sorts of different postures among PGA Tour Players. 12 to 18 degrees is the average forward bend range among tour professionals tested at the Titleist Performance Institute. As a generalization, forward hip bend helps provide balance and stability in your golf swing. It is an athletic position that is similar to the positions other great athletes utilize. Baseball players, boxers, basketball players, football players and most any athlete has more success when bending at the hips rather than slouching at the waist. 






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