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“Are You Threatening Me?”

Golf Show attendees may lock you out: *Warning! This is a uncensored message from Scott about the possibility of being locked out after the golf show. Read only if you respond well to threats 🙂   Are You Threatening Me

up to $500 in golf and merchandise for $39.95

Use the code Seifferlein and get an extra $5 off.  Or get one free by upgrading to a Golf Improvement Membership when you call 616.802.4969 and ask for Scott.

3D Golf Technology for High School Golfers

January 2010 Junior Golf Newsletter

Click Here for the January Junior Golf Newsletter Jan2

Inside this edition:  Forearm tips for monster drives, The Mental Game, Contests and more.

Not a junior golf improvement member? Upgrade now to get $32 off one hour of coaching.

Grand Rapids Fox 17’s Emily Richett Indoor Golf with 3D Technology

Check out Emily Richett and her indoor golf coaching session with 3D Golf Technology at

Indoor golf is now available at Champions Gate on 28th St. 5 hitting bays, 2 simulators, and a small putting green.

Indoor coaching is available with PGA Golf Guru Scott Seifferlein

2010 Group Enrollment Forms

Family Fun Night Description:  2010FamilyFunNight

Family Fun Night Enrollment Form: FamilyFunNightEnrollment

Coaching Session Descrition: 2010CoachingSessions

Coaching Session Enrollment Form: CoachingSessionsEnrollment

Ladies Golf Extravaganza: 2010LadiesGolfExtravaganza

Ladies Golf Extravaganza Enrollment Form: LadiesGolfExtravaganzaEnrollment

January 2010 Golf Newsletter

January 2010 Newsletter Click Here:  JanGolfNewsletter2

In this “Thinking” EditionHow-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

  • Four Tenths of 1%: Are you ready?- Page 1
  • $295 Gift: Page 2
  • Forearm Extensors for Monster Drives: Page 3
  • Licking Your Elbow? Page 4
  • More Contests and Jack’s Birthday: Page 5
  • This Months Guest Column: Page 6
  • The Back Page: Carmen Sandiego – Page 7

Click Here: JanGolfNewsletter2