For New Subscribers

If this is your first time or you need a review…I wanted to take a bit of space to discuss what THE WORLD’S BEST GOLF NEWSLETTER is all about – because this month we are welcoming an unprecedented number of new subscribers.  Thanks to a successful golf show, I am saying hello to almost 70 new RENEGADE GOLFERS this month alone!  So, for their benefit, as orientation, and as review for everybody else, let me quickly tell you what I attempt to accomplish each month. 

First, let me say that the overall format of my letter is intentionally kept pretty loose.  That’s because I never know exactly what I’m going to include and write about each month until I sit down with the accumulated material and do it.  And I do not want to be limited in my remarks to a certain word count or designated space.  I never commit to a certain date either, as some of the summer months get hectic.  I view each issue somewhat like preparing to come into a large group session, with a group of my knowledgeable “students”, and share an assortment of information, some reinforcing the most important strategies I use and teach, some new and “hot”, some especially thought-provoking.  However, there are some constants.  For example…

There are almost always pictures to model or learn from.  I like showing you what works and occasionally, with a brave soul’s permission, what doesn’t.

There is almost always a collection of brief quotes or fun news items about what’s going on in the world that I find interesting and worthy of comment.

There is always a good assortment of upcoming instruction programs with dates, times, cost, ect.

In most newsletters, there is a golf tip or two.

I search out and bring good golf instruction or non-instruction articles to your attention.

I invest in over $3,000.00 worth of golf education per year and I regularly correspond and network with several very successful, legitimate “masters” of golf instruction.  When I find something good, I want to share it with you.  I rarely bother you with the mountains of garbage I sort through to occasionally find a gem.

I try to be somewhat entertaining.  Although America as a whole is sacrificing its humor to be politically correct, you can count on me to keep you from boredom.  There’s no reason we can’t have fun while getting better at golf.

I won’t knowingly give you untested, unproven ideas, I won’t just make up stuff that sounds good, I won’t lie to you, I’ll freely tell you about my failures as well as my successes, I’ll answer just about anything you ask, I’m pretty much an “open book”, and I’ll say what’s on my mind even if it annoys or offends some. You never get sanitized vanilla pudding here.

Second, I’ll point out that you – that no one subscriber – will use or improve from everything in every issue.  You see, the thing, and in many cases, the only thing my Renegade Golfers have in common is a strong interest in utilizing smarter, more successful golf training programs.  My Renegade Golfers include top player’s looking to advance to the next level professionally but also include a lot of mid-level and new players.  I have business owners, employees, self employed, working women, stay at home women, high school golfers, middle school golfers, elementary aged golfers, seniors, handicapped, short golfers, tall golfers, thin golfers and thick golfers.  The diversity of my subscribers is astounding.  My students come from every corner of the metropolitan area, and even places over 100 miles away.  All of this presents me with the exciting challenge of choosing topics to write about and examples to show that people representing such diverse backgrounds can all improve from.  Fortunately – for me and for you – it provides me with input and a flow of ideas, tips, clippings and questions from the same vast diversity of people, so that I often unearth things you’d never find on your own, so you can bring something new to your golf game but proven elsewhere.  (And by the way, I urge you to participate: to send or e-mail in your materials, tips, questions, topic suggestions or articles you think I should see. My address:  2715 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI  49504.  E-mail:  I personally look at everything my newsletter subscribers send in. Actually, if you don’t get what you want out of this, it’s more your fault than mine.)  I suggest reading each issue, hi-liter pen in hand, carefully hunting for your “little hinge”. But remember, reading can’t really enrich without action. Implementation is everything.

So, a special welcome to all my new WORLD’S BEST GOLF NEWSLETTER Subscribers – and a quick thanks to all of you for keeping me on my toes. Now, to making you a better golfer…..

A few smart questions after each golf session:

      1. What do I know now I didn’t know yesterday?

      2. What was I reminded of today that I’d forgotten yesterday?

      3. What did I do today, to improve things vs. the way they were yesterday?


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