Alternate Route for I-196 to The Highlands Golf Club

Options for my friends from Cascade, EGR & Ada- The I-196 Highway through downtown is now closed until the end of August. Not to fear, you can still find your way to The Highlands. If you like highway driving, I recommend you take 96 around town to the northwest side and get off at Walker Ave. (see directions below) I took the liberty of driving this route for you. It adds 4 minutes and 11 seconds to the time it took you to go through downtown on I-196 before it was closed.

Original Route from East Beltline on I-196 through downtown to Lake MI drive to The Highlands- 9.6 miles and 11 minutes 17 seconds.

Alternate Route Directions and Time: East Beltline and I-96 around town to the north to Walker Ave. Go south on Walker Ave to Covell, make a right and another quick right onto Richmond, Richmond to Oakleigh, left on Oakleigh to Leonard, right on Leonard to The Highlands- 13.9 miles and 15 minutes 22 seconds.

You may also discover alternate routes through downtown to Lake MI drive or you may take I-196 towards downtown and get off at College right before the highway closes. Take College north to Leonard and Leonard all the way to the course.

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