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May Junior Golf Newsletter

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Inside this “Mother’s” Month issue:

  • Blow Up Holes- What Causes them? Page 1
  • How to get away with a bent arm- Page 1
  • Nancy Now Confused- Page 2
  • Free Golf- Page 2
  • Plyometric Thrust- Page 3

Exhibits 1, 2 & 3

May Golf Newsletter

Click Here for the May Golf Newsletter: MayGolfNewsletternonmember

Inside this “Mother’s” Month Issue-

The Due Date- Page 1
Blow Up Holes: What Causes Them?- Page 2
Nancy Now Confused- Page 3
Hall of Fame Golf School- Page 4
How to Get Away With a Bent Arm- 2
Are You Relaxed- Page 7

Click Here: MayGolfNewsletternonmember

Exhibits 1, 2 & 3

320 Reasons

320 Reasons Why You Should NOT Gamble With Gangsters On The Golf Course

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Ultimate Walking Gear

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PGA Hall of Famer Dr. Gary Wiren Coming To Grand Rapids

with PGA Member Scott Seifferlein, a Fabulous Golf School July 31st.

Details DrWiren

Call 616.802.4969

Fox 17’s Tim Doty at the new Highlands Golf Club practice facility