A special message from Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA Hall of Fame Golf School

The first line of the first golf book I wrote was, “Golf is a game and is meant to be enjoyed.”  I have never doubted the truth of that statement.   There are a number of reasons why people play the game:  being with friends, the challenge of the skill, getting out into God’s good earth, competing against others, the exercise, etc.  Enjoyment comes wrapped in different packages for different people, but enjoyment is still the ultimate gift that people seek from the experience.  There is a universal truth, however, that is hard to deny:  People enjoy golf more when they play better. (Wouldn’t you agree?)

On Saturday, July 31, I will be coming to Highlands to join Scott and his staff in offering you a one-day coaching session that will present you with a plan for improving your golf while finding more enjoyment.  In addition to solid principles that apply to anyone trying to better their handicap, those who attend will receive information on golf psychology, fitness for distance, a list of my best drills that will guarantee improvement in the five skill areas of the game, an award-winning DVD, and a signed copy of my book that won “Best Golf Book of the Year, 2005.”  We seek to motivate you—and do believe we will.  But an absolute promise is that you will have fun.

One more universal truth that you cannot deny:  the best golfers in the world have teachers. If that is true—and it is—then shouldn’t it follow that those who are less skilled than a Tour player could profit even more from instruction?   Hope to see you when I visit Highlands.

For more enjoyable golf experiences.

Gary Wiren

Gary Wiren, Ph.D. www.garywiren.com tel:  561-626-4176

To register for the July 31st Golf School please call 616.802.4969 and ask for Scott



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