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My Printer’s Mistake Is Your Opportunity!!

My Printer Totally Goofed… and made an extra 8 copies of the July “member only” newsletter. I’ve already read it (I wrote it 🙂 ) and really don’t need any more bird cage liner. So I thought I would pass it along to you, my loyal social media follower… for FREE.  To the first 8 responders.
Here’s what’s included…
*10 birdie creators that will give you no right to complain about the lack of good golf scores
*Golf outing tips that will put $ in your pocket
*FREE Renegade Putter Event- You don’t want to miss this!
*$20 Gift Certificate for your peeps!
*What you can extract from the word American
*Tour pro secrets and much more!
All packed into one newsletter mailed straight to your doorstep.  Printing, licking, stamping and all the labor included.  All for just $5 shipping and handling.  Send payment through Paypal to
And Thank My Printer!!