How To Read The Green Golf Tip

Bonus Video Golf Tip
on how to read the green-

This is it. What you have all been waiting for. The 2011 Golf Improvement Memberships will

launch September 15th at 7:37am. Please do not forward this blog as I am only making 14 golf improvement memberships available. This special offer is also only available for 48 hours or until the first 14 are grabbed up, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.  And this notice is going out to 1,484 Subscribers.

Why only 14?
#1 Frankly, taking on 14 new golf improvement memberships all at once is a time consuming project.
#2 More importantly, the prices for this offer are so low I simply can not afford to sell all of my available 2011 time at these numbers. My wife and accountant absolutely will not allow it.
This launch will include the biggest savings on golf improvement memberships. Up to $125 off plus 3 Rounds of Golf at The Highlands Golf Club. (rounds can be used next year or this year)

Reminder- The launch will be at 7:37am on September 15th.

“7:37am??? Scott, are you crazy?”
straight jacket

“Why so early in the morning?…”
My college coach always had team try-outs the last week of October. Six grueling rounds in cold, rain, leaves, snow and wind. Why? Because he wanted dedicated golfers. And I want dedicated clients. By getting up early enough to call or e-mail in your 2011 golf improvement application, you are proving yourself to be a dedicated client.
*There will be no exceptions on the limit of 14 golf improvement memberships for this launch offer. First come/first served.
How To Get Involved:
Here are the simple steps you need to take to make sure you are one of the first 14 to acquire a better golf game!

#1 Click Here for the application:
#2 If you are curious to the story behind the 320 reasons why you should not gamble with gansters on the golf course click here: 320Reasons
#3 Full details of golf improvement memberships: 2011 Golf Improvement Memberships
#4 Set your alarm early for September 15th.  Call 616.802.4969 or e-mail your application to at 7:37am.
#5 If you reach voicemail when calling leave a message and your application will be placed in order based on the time of your voicemail. Be patient. I will let you know ASAP if your application came in on time or not.

P.S. A limited number of your 2011 sessions may be used this fall or over the winter at Champions Gate Indoor Golf Studio on 28th St.


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