Grand Rapids Golf Survey Results

As promised I would provide you with the results and how we will use them from the recent golf survey. Thanks for participating and enjoy your $30 Golf Bucks!

To see the questions:  Click Here for the first Survey: Click Here for the second Survey: Click Here for the third Survey:


Survey #1  Organization & Practice Time Management

  1. Yes   5.3%    No 94.7%
  2. Yes  32.4%   No 67.6%
  3. Yes 44.7%    No 55.3%
  4. Yes 23.7%    No 76.3%
  5. Yes 47.4%    No 52.6%
  6. Yes 0.0%       No 100.0%
  7. Yes 28.9%     No 71.1%
  8. Yes  23.7%    No 76.3%
  9. Yes 7.9%       No 92.1%

This survey was eye opening.  What I learned and will implement-   Not enough of you are time blocking your schedule for golf related activities and you need more education on how to incorporate 4 hours a day of things you’re already doing and use them to benefit your golf game so you don’t have to change your lifestyle. Nor are you using your golf practice time appropriately and/or with the proper focus. Many of you are not making the best use of your existing resources.   I’ll be writing future articles on this topic.


Survey #2   Golf Practice Specifics

  1. Yes 31.6%    No 68.4%
  2. Yes 21.1%    No 78.9%
  3. Yes 10.5%    No 89.5%
  4. Yes 55.3%    No 44.7%
  5. Yes 24.3%    No 75.7%
  6. Yes 60.5%    No 39.5%
  7. Yes 65.8%    No 34.2%
  8. Yes 15.8%    No 84.2%
  9. Yes 2.6%     No 97.4%
  10. Yes 7.9%     No 92.1%

There is a Ginormous gap in knowledge regarding your golf statistics and how they impact your current score and your progress.  I will be highlighting ways in which you can learn to track your statistics along with knowledge from statistics of better players and how it can impact your practice strategies.


Survey #3   Mindset

  1. Yes 90.9%    No 9.1%
  2. Yes 97.7%   No 2.3%
  3. Yes 95.5%    No 4.5%
  4. Yes 38.6%    No 61.4%
  5. Yes 56.8%    No 43.2%
  6. Yes 18.2%    No 81.8%
  7. Yes 6.8%      No 93.2%
  8. Yes 22.7%    No 77.3%
  9. Yes 2.3%     No 97.7%
  10. Yes 72.7%    No 27.3%

This was the most popular survey of the three. And the results were of no surprise here. Typical of our Midwestern upbringing, we are a positive and gracious bunch. However our positive mindset does not translate into action steps. (Old Joke:  Which happens first, Cassette Players turning into CD players or a Midwesterner making a decision to buy a Cassette Player?)  I’ll be writing more in depth on this to help you make 2011 go from the year of “I think I’ll do that” to actually “Doing that”.


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