Golf Fitness Adventure

“I’m… supposed to… be able… to do what?” – I gasped between one charley horse after another.

This was during my Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Evaluation. Local TPI certified

golf fitness trainer, Matt Miller of the Center For Physical Rehabiliation was taking me through

a series of a dozen golf fitness specific tests.


The tests included both strength and flexibility and are based on the Titleist Performance

Institute (TPI) research of thousands of professional golfers. After my 60 minute evaluation

and explanation, I was taken through another 30 minutes of personalized training targeting

my areas of inefficiency.


I was given a series of four different exercises for an 8 week – in home – training program. “Four”.

Not a dozen or more. Which was nice. The program is relatively simple and takes approximately

18 minutes a day.  After 8 weeks I will receive a post evaluation to determine how I responded.


3 of the 4 exercises are for strength and one for flexibility and I will be highlighting progress

and a description of each in this blog.


You can learn more about the TPI experience with Matt Miller by contacting him at:

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, 1195 Wilson Ave., NW Walker, MI 49534 616.784.1450,


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