Golf Fitness Adventure Part 1

Week 1 of the Titleist Performance Institute 8 week home training course has come and gone.

As mentioned previously, I have been assigned with 4 exercises to do each week. Some on a daily

basis and some on an every other day basis. The first week presented some challenges as I was

reminded that my schedule of working 16 hours a day is not conducive to fitting in time to

exercise. I managed a good work out on Sunday and Monday, but worked late Tuesday through

Saturday. Here is one of the four assigned exercises.

A basic hamstring stretch with leg raise, this stretch is held for 30 to 45 seconds, two

to three times on both sides twice daily. The leg raises are done slowly during the

stretch and one can typically get in 8 or 9 leg raises during the 30 to 45 second stretch.


*This TPI Golf Fitness Exercise may not be for you. To get your own personalized golf

fitness program contact Matt Miller at:

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, 1195 Wilson Ave., NW Walker, MI 49534 616.784.1450,


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