Golf Fitness Adventure- The Finale

Week 8, The Finale, of the Titleist Performance Institute 8 week home training course has been completed.

As mentioned previously, I have been assigned with 4 exercises to do each week. Some on a daily

basis and some on an every other day basis. The major challenge has been adding 20 minutes to my

16 hour day. I “likes me sleep”.

After 8 weeks I was re-tested with the following results:

My lat flexibility increased by 15 degrees in the left shoulder and 12 degrees in the right shoulder.

Glute strength improved by a half level on a five level scale.

Not bad considering I did not fully implement the suggested reps for all four exercises.

After the re-evaluation I was given 3 more stealth golf fitness exercises of which I have

been sworn to secrecy. To find out what they are you will need to get your own personalized golf

fitness program at:

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, 1195 Wilson Ave., NW Walker, MI 49534 616.784.1450,


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