Half Day Golf School Client Comment From Lansing, MI

“Do you want to increase your golf game 10-30 yards out of the tee box? 
How about more accuracy on your short game and chipping? 
Efficiently getting out of sand taps and close to the hole? 
More 1 and 2-hole putts? 

I guarantee you won't make a better investment than signing up 
for private coaching with Scott Seifferlein, owner of 
GrandRapidsGolfLesson.com. I'm a very average golfer, and in a 
half day golf school, Scott helped me gain 10 yards out of the 
tee box, showed me how to chip more effectively onto the green, 
and understand how to get my putts to one or two instead of my 
usual three. He completely changed my stance, so I am grounded, 
swing from the pelvis, and increase my speed at ball contact. 
He changed my chipping grip for accuracy, and showed me the 
secret of accurate putting. Let him do the same for you. 
You won't want the lesson to stop.” - 
Gretchen Smith, Lansing, Michigan

One response to this post.

  1. Well done Gretchen! This is the kind of success that Scott is getting with all of his clients! I’m excited to connect Scott with all of my coaching clients!


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