Back to School Month

It’s back to school month and it’s always
great to hear about our golfers
who are “schooling” their playing partners.
One such golfer is Chris Branoff
who recently completed the “Breaking
95” score based program. See what
Chris had to say about the program
The score based programs are so powerful
because they target the root cause
of each golfers high scores and solve
the puzzle through a customizable accountability
program. To qualify for the
program the golfer takes a 90 minute on
-course assessment. In Chris’s case we
discovered he scored in the high 50’s
for nine holes, but that he was losing 12
strokes per round to putting and another
8 strokes inside of 100 yards.
We custom designed a program for him
to go from the high 50’s for nine to
breaking 95 for 18 holes in only 6
weeks!! Most of Chris’s accountability
program was based on a lot of play
time on the course. A majority of his
off-course practice time included short
putts inside of 5 feet, long putts over 30
feet and shots inside of 30 yards.
Chris was able to take his playing partners
to school by implementing distance
control techniques to reduce his
three putts (he only had one three putt
in a recent round of golf with me and
had 7 one putts!!) and by learning how
to hit soft shots around the green. Although
Chris did score a 90 during hissix week Score Based program, he is
not consistently breaking 95 at this
point. So we re-evaluated and discovered
that although he is much better
from inside of 30 yards, he is blading
too many of his shots from 50 to 120
yards. After the re-evaluation Chris is
now allocating his practice time to become
like Tom Kite from inside of 120
yards! Be sure to congratulate him if
you see him on the course and to learn
more about the score based programs
go to
While the teachers in Chicago are in
no hurry to get back to school, going
back to school is really about speed.
And if you are not looking at your golf
progress as an urgent matter, like Chris
did with breaking 95 in only 6 weeks,
who will?


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