Healthier Golf

More golfers miss out on golf due to injuries
and ill health than weather and
economic turmoil combined. I don’t
know that for sure but that has been my
informal study over the last two years.
As a result, I have pulled some strings
and convinced Sue Scharf, the owner of
The Wellness Forum to provide you
with a series of articles that will help
you live healthier and play more golf!
Here is the fourth of four.
Are you eating enough?
Habitual dieters have often become convinced
that the only way to lose weight
is through portion control. They eat bird
-like portions and try to use will power
to continue to do so while feeling hungry
all the time. They associate large
quantities of food with gluttony.
Large quantities of calorie-rich food will
cause you to gain weight. But, if you
have some experience dieting, you know
that just reducing the intake of these
foods does not result in permanent
weight loss.
The secret is substituting calorie-rich
foods with calorie-dilute foods, like
beans, rice, potatoes, corn and vegetables.
You can eat as much of these
foods as you like without gaining weight
because the fiber content of the food
will cause you to feel full before you
consume too many calories.
So, don’t let yourself be hungry all the
time-eat enough calorie-dilute and nutritious
foods like the ones on the Wellness
Forum meal plan every day! You will
be much more apt to stick with your
good habits and lose your excess weight
Any questions, please email Sue
Scharf, Director of The Wellness Forum
Sue sponsors a once monthly free
dinner for the public to sample
healthy dinners and learn the strategies
behind preparing healthy meals.
Contact her for details.
Take Care of Your Back,
Eat a Healthy Snack


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