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Break 80 by June 15th Guaranteed!

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Outstanding Training = Outstanding Life

In order to achieve your personal and financial goals, you must have quality training that matches what you aspire to be. Most training programs are good, but they’re ordinary, which is fine if you just want to be ordinary. If you want to be outstanding, you must immerse and engage in outstanding training.

There are four things a training company must do in order to have outstanding training. If any one of the four is missing, it’s less than outstanding. A training system must:

  1. Create habits
  2. Provide accountability
  3. Deliver coaching and mentoring
  4. Be simple and duplicable

A training program must create habits, which is why the majority of programs don’t work. You might attend a training and get jazzed up for a few weeks about what you learned, and then you go back to doing the things you have always done. The program has to eliminate your old habits and properly instill new ones.

You also must have accountability with a training program. You have to be accountable to yourself and to a system. The training company has to be accountable as well. Many training companies will hold you accountable, but you often can’t hold them accountable.

Accountability often comes in the form of coaching and mentoring. People throw in the towel when things get rough. A coach helps push you along to help break your old habits and reinforce the new ones. It’s easy to have an ordinary life. Anyone can be ordinary. To have an outstanding life, we must stretch beyond what was previously thought possible. Coaches and mentors provide guidance and support to help us achieve more.

Learning a new system can be daunting, so a training program must be simple and duplicable. Have you ever picked up a book that promised an “easy to follow” system, and the book was 450 pages long? How easy can that be?

Each of these four components of an outstanding training program is important, but creating habits is the most important.

This article excerpted from Tim Green’s Book “Set 4 Life”. You can receive a copy of the book by contacting Tim Green at:
Office: 877-241-3577

Direct: 810-444-1071

The Breaking 100, 90 & 80 Series creates habits.

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1 hour of Private Coaching per Week With PGA Golf Guru Scott Seifferlein. A $900 Value!!

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But before we go further, I have to WARN you.  This program is not for everyone. It will bloody your hands and crush your ego. It will mercilessly and relentlessly tear apart your past beliefs about golf. It will leave you crying for your MOMMY!

But the rewards will CRIPPLE your opponents. They will be the ones crying and left in the dust when you break 80!!

This program begins promptly on May 2nd.  I will only be taking 3 golfers. So you must respond right away to see if you qualify. Your first step will be a phone interview to see if you will be accepted for a face to face interview and playing ability test. “Privates” who are tough enough to make it through the phone interview will face a personal interview and a 90 minute playing ability test to determine if they are “boot camp” material.

The interview and playing ability test must be completed by April 26th to potentially qualify for the boot camp.

Call 616.802.4969 to be enlisted for an interview, playing ability test and boot camp investment.

Young or old, if you’ve got what it takes, I’ll know.

*99.9% No Weasel Clause Money Back Guarantee excludes golf fitness fees, golf course fees, and participant gifts/bonuses. Money Back Guarantee if you do not break 80 includes your time with Scott Seifferlein only.

BREAK 80 BY June 15th GUARANTEED!! Click Here: breaking80

Breaking 80 Before Ray Romano

Bob Bishop has completed the first four weeks in the six week breaking 80 before Ray Romano Project.


Here are the weekly updates-

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4: