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For Business Professionals Who Play Golf For 6 and 7-Figure Incomes

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Top Business Golf Strategies

Golf is the ultimate business tool. Increase your revenue with these powerfully concise business golf strategies. Discover how to find your best prospects, the mistakes to avoid when playing business golf and much more. Enjoy and make it profitable!

1. Find out if business golf is for you and how to select the best prospects for business golf in these two short videos-


2.  Top 10 reasons why golf will always be the ultimate business tool.
3. Business Golf for Women and Why women should play golf-

4.  7 step process to hand select your best prospect for business golf

5.  Big mistakes to avoid in your next round of golf and much more in this business golf audio interview-

Scott Seifferlein, Business Golf Expert and Author of 19 Holes of Business Golf Conversation and The Game of Golf & The Art of Business

Awesome Success Story #BusinessGolf

Awesome success story. One of our clients who wasn’t even playing golf 3 years ago is now hitting it with big wigs at Cisco and Microsoft. #BusinessGolf

Business Golf

Business Tycoons and Who Introduced Them To Golf

32 CEOs interviewed forTwo Good Rounds Titans: Leaders in Industry & Golf 

A few of them share how they were introduced to golf- Click HERE for the full article.

Scott Seifferlein

Founder Business Golf Mastermind Group and

Business Golf With Music-Industry Heavyweights

They gamble, they schmooze, and they forge multimillion-dollar relationships at country clubs with six-figure initiation fees. Find out which music industry tycoons play golf for business and which ones save business for after the round. Click HERE for the article.

Scott Seifferlein

Founder Business Golf Mastermind &

10 Reasons Why Golf Is The Ultimate Business Tool

Ten Reasons Golf Will Always Be the Ultimate Business Tool! Click Here- Why Golf is The Ultimate Business Tool

2014 Business Golf Programs