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Grand Rapids Chamber Award Endorsement from Dan S. Kennedy

I could not be more pleased to have received a nomination for the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce 2011 Young Entrepreneur

of the Year Award.  Not only that, but I have been overwhelmed with support letters. They have all been amazing, but I am

particularly pleased to announce the letter of support from Dan Kennedy of Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle. Click on the letter for full view.

Dan is the foremost expert of direct response marketing and entrepreneurs worldwide.

More information about Dan and his expertise can be found at and

receive a $633.91 gift from me at

To learn more about being a guest at the local chapter of Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle please

contact me directly through my golf website:




July Golf Newsletter

July 2010 Newsletter Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletternonmember

In this “Freedom Month” Edition:
  • Diaper Freedom- Page 1
  • 10 Birdie Creators- Page 2
  • Field Trip O’ The Month: Yes, I actually play golf- Page 3
  • Rules Question of The Month: Page 4
  • Stay Cool On The Course- Page 5
  • Renegade Putter Event- Page 6
  • Free from Entitlement- Page 7

July 2010 Newsletter Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletternonmember

Independence Month

Another Independence Month Quote-  As I played Railside yesterday in a non-profit golf outing President Obama’s helicopters flew over the course on a trial run for his Thursday trip to Holland.  Ironically, I was playing golf with Doctors who will have their ability to give back to society severely hampered by the president’s policies.  It reminded me of this quote by Dan Kennedy- “Ask for nothing you don’t earn, make no apologies for having anything you do, and fight like a cornered tiger against those who would seek to compel apology or steal the fruits of your ingenuity, investment and labor.”  Happy Independence Month (what’s left of your independence anyways)