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July Golf Newsletter

July 2010 Newsletter Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletternonmember

In this “Freedom Month” Edition:
  • Diaper Freedom- Page 1
  • 10 Birdie Creators- Page 2
  • Field Trip O’ The Month: Yes, I actually play golf- Page 3
  • Rules Question of The Month: Page 4
  • Stay Cool On The Course- Page 5
  • Renegade Putter Event- Page 6
  • Free from Entitlement- Page 7

July 2010 Newsletter Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletternonmember

2nd Annual Worldwide E-mail Freedom Day August 20th


E-mail Freedom Day


August 20th marks the 2nd annual E-mail Freedom Day. Around the world August 20th will mark a day to be detached from the stranglehold of e-mail. People are encouraged to enjoy this e-mail freedom day by going for a walk in the woods, playing with children, going fishing or playing a round of golf. Anything but checking their e-mail from 12:00AM to 11:59PM on August 20th.

“Recent studies show that checking your e-mail every 5 minutes gives you an IQ drop twice that of smoking pot. (Source: Standford Daily News) We have a severe problem in today’s society with e-mail overload. E-mail Freedom Day is just what the doctor ordered and it will be fun to read stories about how peoples lives are changed on E-mail Freedom Day.” says Scott Seifferlein self diagnosed e-mail addict and owner of

E-mail Freedom Day Participants are encouraged to share their experience with the world at

Scott Seifferlein is a very outspoken golf guru and self diagnosed e-mail addict who teaches golfers how to have outrageously successful golf experiences. To interview him and obtain more information on E-mail Freedom Day, call (616)802-4969.

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