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May Golf Newsletter

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Inside this “Mother’s” Month Issue-

The Due Date- Page 1
Blow Up Holes: What Causes Them?- Page 2
Nancy Now Confused- Page 3
Hall of Fame Golf School- Page 4
How to Get Away With a Bent Arm- 2
Are You Relaxed- Page 7

Click Here: MayGolfNewsletternonmember

Exhibits 1, 2 & 3

EWGA Golf Clinics

Are you looking to hit the ball farther?

Would you like to make more putts?

How about stopping your ball on the green?

This years EWGA golf clinics will help you do it all!

Learn the set-up secret that will add 9 yards to your drive, the impact secret that will stop your ball on a dime.

Details of this six week program: 

EWGA clinic details:

Business Golf Networking Organization for Women Only

Great Networking Opportunity for professional women EWGA.  Be sure to list Scott Seifferlein as the PGA Professional that referred you.