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A $95,668 Per Event Business Golf Utopia


West Michigan’s Premier Business Golf
Custom Event & Coaching Program

For: High End Bankers, CEO’s, Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance Professionals, Commercial Realtors, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Financial Professionals, Residential Realtors, Consultants, and those who operate in a scenario of trust and expert advisor status where clients are worth a minimum $10,000 in annual net profit.

Creating Authoritative Positioning


Your custom program is designed to launch your success as the authoritative figure of your high end professional service, significantly enhance relationships with the very best clients and enjoy the great game of golf. The program systematically assists and positions you to acquire higher end clientele. The first year target new client benefit is $30,000+ profit above and beyond your current model for re-investment into 3 years of Country Club membership plus an average of 30 rounds of business golf guest fees each year. The 2nd year and beyond target benefit is to continue duplicating the system for an extra $300,000+ profit per year in new client life time value above and beyond your current model.

Included in your program: 

  • 3 client events ($15,000 value) including done-4-you phone call invite campaign.
  • Three Business Golf Catalyst Experience rounds of golf with Scott and your top client/prospect ($6,000 value)
  • Lead generation and sales funnel system that has increased our clients results by up to 400% ($15,000 value)


The Investment:

I say investment because enrolling in your custom program is a wise investment in your future. How much would it be worth to you to have the leverage of private club membership, an average of 30 guest rounds a year, play golf whenever you want, private club membership at your disposal and develop high end business relationships because you found the results you are seeking?

The bigger question is how much time and money will you LOSE if you do not make a commitment and invest in yourself today?

Here are just some of the benefits of enrolling…

  • Special introductory rate. I am offering this case study low rate and it may never be repeated.
  • Join now and lock in your client event rate to repeat the program annually for the next 4 years, Iguarantee your rate will not go up for four years, however I will increase the rate for others, double to triple as the demand fills up.
  • This program is valued at $36,000 and you get it at a fraction of that
  • You become the first of your profession in the area to stand out as the “High End Private Club Golf Event” service provider hanging out with the PGA Golf Guru.


This is a very exclusive program for a select few where you get the rare chance to not only play better golf through one to one private coaching, but also host your clients/prospects at our prestigious private country club setting. Then there are also the connections, the networking, the new joint ventures and the breakthrough ideas for years to come that you gain through the events and your private club membership.


There is No Better Time to Take Action Than Now!


#1. I am strictly limited to only 10 people a year in which I can custom design events like yours. AND ONLY ONE PER NICHE INDUSTRY!

#2. To quote Napoleon Hill; “Most ideas are stillborn, and need the breath of life injected into them through definite plans of immediate action. If you wait your ideas may never be more than that, a stillborn idea.


So Here’s What to Do Now…


For invest in full savings choose the option of $12,997 or choose the monthly installment option of $2,147 to be run on the first of the month February through August.

*Ask about our $25,000 and up Platimum VIP upgrade options including…

  • All inclusive Pebble Beach Business Golf Experience for you and your best clients
  • Business Golf day trips to the most sought after Michigan Golf Clubs
  • On-site child care
  • Additional golf activities for spouses and children
  • And much more. You name it, you’ll get it.

Call 616.802.4969 to enroll

Your Partner In Business Golf Success,

Scott Seifferlein

PS: Sign-up now, because you may just lose the opportunity to get the results you are seeking for good. I am limited to accepting only 10 business professionals! AND ONLY ONE PER INDUSTRY NICHE

PPS: Lock in your best ever rate for 4 years. This special introductory rate will not last forever!

Call 616.802.4969 to enroll


Barclays, Bethpage Black, 17th Hole, FedEx Cup Playoffs and The Game of Golf & The Art of Business

This week the first round of the PGA Tour FedEx Cup Playoffs takes place at Bethpage Black. The course was the setting for the book The Game of Golf & The Art of Business. Expect the 17th hole to play a pivotal role in the outcome of the event. Below you will find an excerpt from the book The Game of Golf & The Art of Business featuring the 17th hole at Bethpage Black.

Hole 17
The Lesser of Two Evils

The Black Course doesn’t taper off at the end. Seventeen is the
last par 3, but it’s a tough golf hole. It’s got a huge, kidney beanshaped
green. The concave side of the bean is facing you, but the
bean is lying at a 40 degree diagonal angle to you as you look at it
from the tee. So, as the player sees it, there is a near section of the
green that’s on a lower tier of elevation. In front of that is deep
rough. The concave portion of the bean is filled with a deep
bunker, and the back of the green is a good 20 yards further away
than the front on a higher tier of elevation.

The yardage card reads 195 because that’s to the center of the
bean. But for all practical purposes, there are two greens, and a
player with Bob’s range and skills is faced with a difficult choice.
He can aim for the front portion of the bean only 175 yards away.
If he comes up short, he’s in deep rough. If he hits the green he’ll
have to make a 100 foot lag putt up a steep hill to the upper tier.
But at least he’s on the green and has taken the bunkers out of play.
The other choice is to aim for the upper, back portion of the
bean over the bunkers in the concave side. But the ball has to fly
200 yards from the tee to clear the bunker. For Bob, that would be a
full swing with his driver. And then the ball would come in fast,
with a low trajectory, and roll off the back.

The flag was in the back, upper portion of the green which
meant that Bob had two bad choices: an easier tee shot followed by
a 100 foot lag putt that could easily lead to three more putts or a 3-
wood into the bunker followed by a bunker shot to get up close to
the pin and hope for a one-putt for par or, most likely, a two-putt

“Pick the lesser of two evils,” I said, as I explained his choices.

“I want to hit the green near the pin and birdie this,” said Bob,
shaking his head and laughing at the difficulty of the shot.

“Yeah, well, that’s not on the menu,” I said. “What you need
to decide here is what crap you want to deal with.”

“So this is like a day at the office, huh?” said Bob, laughing.

“We joke a lot that we don’t get to choose between bullshit and no
bullshit. But we do get to choose what flavor of bullshit we want to
deal with.”

“That’s a good way to look at it,” I said. “It’s like choosing the
window or aisle seat on a plane. If you take the window, you can’t
get up and stretch or use the bathroom. You’re trapped by some
sleeping granny. But if you take the aisle, the beverage carts bang
your elbows, and there’s always some whiny kid next to you that
wants to get up every fifteen minutes.”

Bob laughed, “Pretty much. There are no good seats, just
degrees of bad. But there is a worst seat: the middle, right?”

“So, that’s the sort of choice you have to make here. Do you
want your second shot to be the beginning of a putting adventure
or a blast out of the bunker?”

Bob thought about it for a while.

To find out what Bob does next and enjoy all 18 of his adventures at Bethpage Black, go to