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Have you ever pulled a “Golf Mariah”?

If you play the game, you undoubtedly have.  screenhunter_1205-jan-01-13-31

After last night’s New Years Eve performance a “Golf Mariah” is a new word to define showing up at the first tee unprepared.

We’ve all done it. In golf and in life. I remember showing up to Christmas Eve program in 2nd grade without knowing my lines. A few years ago I struggled through an unprepared business presentation. And there are countless times I showed up to the golf course in a hurry and not ready to play.

It happens. But we want to avoid pulling a Golf Mariah whenever we can.

Here are 6 steps to avoid pulling a Golf Mariah in 2017…

  1. Drink water. A lot of water. I’ve played my best tournaments drinking nearly a half gallon in the 3 hours prior to tee off.
  2. Keep your chest and head high. It’s hard to do. Most of you are hunched over your computer all day prior to rushing across town for league play. Make sure you keep your chest and head held up as frequently as possible the last few hours prior to playing golf. The improved posture helps you swing faster and hit the ball straighter.
  3. Long deep breaths. This goes hand in hand with keeping your chest and head high. Breathing not only keeps you alive, it also decreases stress and keeps you calm and prepared for your best golf.
  4. Review positive images. Think back to the time you hit the longest and straightest drive of your life. Remember the pure 7 iron you hit to the back left flag. Reminding yourself of these great golf shots prior to play increases the odds you’ll repeat them.
  5. Buy time. You cannot make time, you cannot manage time. But you can buy it. Pay an assistant $5 to make your last delivery, finish up your reports or run your suits to the dry cleaners. Take the extra 10 minutes you bought yourself and use it to prepare for a great round of golf.
  6. Wear your favorite golf shirt. Or your favorite shoes. Put on something that gives you confidence. Maybe it is placing all your change in your left pocket. Whatever gives you the slight mental edge of believing in yourself and believing your round of golf is going to be great. Do whatever it takes.

Make 2017 Your Best Golf Year Ever!

Scott Seifferlein

The $18,000 Bet… What Would You Score?

“I bet you can’t shoot under par in a 4-ball scramble”

That’s the random out of the blue challenge I received today. It came from an individual I’ve never met. He publicly bet me $18,000 I couldn’t break par. On one of Florida’s toughest golf courses. From the tips. Playing a 4-ball scramble.

It’s an easy win for me. I’ll explain below.

I accepted the bet and offered to double it to $36,000… if he could verify funds.

Of course, the dude could not back his mouth up with funds.

Which is fine. I felt bad for him. I was hustling him.  He’s clueless when it comes to the effects of having 4 chances on every shot.

But it got me thinking. What would you score?

How does a 4-ball scramble impact your score?

It’s not an overly complex formula to calculate.

First, you can take a look at any scrambles you’ve participated in. I’ve participated in many and typically score between -10 and -18, and that’s with a team of three other golfers who score higher.

But you’ve also got to factor in the golf course. This dude picked a place called Old Corkscrew. It’s ranked as one of Florida’s ten toughest golf courses. The scorecard shows 7,393 yards  and a rating/slope of 76.6/151. But allegedly there is a “secret” back tee at 7,800+ yards with a rating close to 80.

So what does that mean?

Stick with me here.

The course rating is basically the number that when added to your handicap you will match or beat that number 25% of your rounds. Example: If you are a 20 handicap and the course rating is 70, you would be able to score 90 or better approximately 25% of the time, while 75% of your scores would match or be higher than 90.

This means that as a +1 handicap (1 better than zero), playing a course with a rating of 80, I would score 79 or better 25% of the time. Breaking the par 72 at Old Corkscrew from the “secret” back tees would be virtually impossible for a +1 handicap golfer. Additionally, since my scoring average at my home club is 2 strokes higher than the course rating, we can assume a +1 handicap would average 82 from these tees.

Fortunately I’m in luck. The dude bet me I couldn’t break par playing a 4-ball scramble. That means that I get to hit each shot 4 times and choose the very best one!

So the question becomes, could a +1 handicap golfer, playing their own 4 ball scramble, score 11 shots better than average and successfully play under par from the tips at Old Corkscrew?

Let’s see how this plays out.

First we’ll look at a regular two man scramble I play in where I have a 13 handicap playing partner. We use about 80% of my shots and our scores range from 55 to 68 on a course where I average 69 on my own ball. Looking back over the last 18 rounds our average score is 61.88.

*In full disclosure the format in this event allows for mulligans which we convert about 40% of the time. Thus I’m adding two strokes to the average to be more realistic. So we’ll take 63.88 as our case study and round it up to 64 for good measure.

As you can see, in a two person scramble where the other person is an average of 13 strokes higher, we still beat my average score by 5 strokes a round. Once you factor in my own ability and the advantage of hitting the same shot 4 times in a row, one could assume the scoring average would be at least 12 shots better.

But let’s also take a statistical approach. A typical +1 golfer hits the fairway about 45% of the time, hits the green in regulation about 50% of the time, averages 2 penalty shots per round and averages 30 putts per round. On a course like Old Corkscrew these statistics would not be as successful. The +1 would be closer to 25% for fairways, 30% for greens, 3 penalty shots and 32 putts.

Now how does that work in a 4 ball scramble?

Take the 25% fairway stat. Over the course of 4 shots you are going to hit the fairway at least once on every single hole. But remember. Golf is not a consistent game. A +1 may occasionally miss the fairway 7 times in a row!  So, even in a scramble, the +1 golfer is likely to miss a few fairways. We’ll say that well over 90% of the time a +1 would hit 14 of 18 fairways on this extremely difficult golf course playing a 4-ball scramble.

On to the greens in regulation statistic. Very similar to the fairway statistic. At least 1 of every 4 swings for a +1 golfer is going to hit the green. Therefore in a 4-ball scramble a +1 golfer is likely to hit 15 or more greens in regulation well over 90% of the time.

It comes down to putting. We all know how difficult putting is. And the greens at Old Corkscrew are legendary for their difficulty. However we also know how easy it is to make the putt on the 2nd try. How many of you have said “best 2nd putter ever!” after you miss an easy putt and try it again. Now imagine having 4 chances at it! Yep! This is exactly why so many 4 person scramble teams come in at 18 under par; even when they have two higher handicap golfers on the team. Putting is infinitely easier!

Rarely do you find a 4-ball scramble score with more than 24 putts. But for arguments sake, and since the greens at Old Corkscrew are extremely difficult, let’s just say the +1 golfer only has 6 one putts for a total of 30 putts.

14 fairways, 15 greens in regulation and 30 putts.

Penalty Strokes? You want to talk about penalty strokes? With 4 chances on every shot a +1 golfer would only receive a penalty every 1,000+ holes, even on a course as difficult as the one I have been challenged to play.

The above statistics result in a score of 3 under par 69.

And I’ve been very conservative to make the score and statistics high. I firmly believe a +1 golfer would score closer to 62 to 66 playing a 4-ball scramble on even the most difficult golf course in the world.

It’s a no brainer bet on my part. And it would have been fun! Unfortunately for me and fortunately for the random social media dude, he doesn’t have the funds to back up his big mouth.

So now that you’ve seen how to calculate the numbers if you played a 4-ball scramble, what would your score be?

When spring arrives, get back on the course and try it for real. Let me know how close your guess is to your real score!

P.S. At least I invoiced him $997 for the gambling lesson.


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Golf Update

Custom coaching programs are sold out for the season. Therefore, I have started a waiting list for this year and the 2017 season in addition to contracting with several additional golf instructors to help fulfill the demand.

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July 13th, 20th, 27 th and Aug 3 rd – Long Distance Putting, Short Distance Putting and two on-course* training sessions.

All times 7PM to 8PM

*On-course sessions are 7PM to 9PM

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Included in your program: 

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