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Have you ever pulled a “Golf Mariah”?

If you play the game, you undoubtedly have.  screenhunter_1205-jan-01-13-31

After last night’s New Years Eve performance a “Golf Mariah” is a new word to define showing up at the first tee unprepared.

We’ve all done it. In golf and in life. I remember showing up to Christmas Eve program in 2nd grade without knowing my lines. A few years ago I struggled through an unprepared business presentation. And there are countless times I showed up to the golf course in a hurry and not ready to play.

It happens. But we want to avoid pulling a Golf Mariah whenever we can.

Here are 6 steps to avoid pulling a Golf Mariah in 2017…

  1. Drink water. A lot of water. I’ve played my best tournaments drinking nearly a half gallon in the 3 hours prior to tee off.
  2. Keep your chest and head high. It’s hard to do. Most of you are hunched over your computer all day prior to rushing across town for league play. Make sure you keep your chest and head held up as frequently as possible the last few hours prior to playing golf. The improved posture helps you swing faster and hit the ball straighter.
  3. Long deep breaths. This goes hand in hand with keeping your chest and head high. Breathing not only keeps you alive, it also decreases stress and keeps you calm and prepared for your best golf.
  4. Review positive images. Think back to the time you hit the longest and straightest drive of your life. Remember the pure 7 iron you hit to the back left flag. Reminding yourself of these great golf shots prior to play increases the odds you’ll repeat them.
  5. Buy time. You cannot make time, you cannot manage time. But you can buy it. Pay an assistant $5 to make your last delivery, finish up your reports or run your suits to the dry cleaners. Take the extra 10 minutes you bought yourself and use it to prepare for a great round of golf.
  6. Wear your favorite golf shirt. Or your favorite shoes. Put on something that gives you confidence. Maybe it is placing all your change in your left pocket. Whatever gives you the slight mental edge of believing in yourself and believing your round of golf is going to be great. Do whatever it takes.

Make 2017 Your Best Golf Year Ever!

Scott Seifferlein


At Wits End With The Game of Golf

This Is It! I’m At My Wits End!

Dear Scott,

I’m not sure this golf thing is for me. I’m at my wits end and if I can’t add 20 yards to my drive, hit it straighter and stop the whop duds with my irons, then I’m going to take up backgammon. My golf game is so embarrassing right now!

It’s embarrassing to me. It’s got to be embarrassing to my playing partners too. My game really looks bad when they invite me to Cascade Hills, Kent, Egypt Valley and Watermark. Everybody is watching me hit these duff shots. To play this poorly in front of clients at the premier clubs in Grand Rapids is completely unacceptable.

And all this advice I keep getting from my friends about keeping my head down and left arm straight – you guessed it – only makes me hit more whop duds. I just can’t figure out how to get consistency in my golf game! 

I am so desperate for a solution that will change all of that AND turn me into the consistent golfer I dream to be.

Solid & Consistent Golf

So what will it take for me to get solid and consistent with the golf ball? And how do I hit it straighter off the tee? I’d love an extra 20 yards too, but heck, for now, I would just take straight!

It’s just so damn frustrating!

The information I am getting from magazines and Youtube videos certainly isn’t doing the trick. And my friends just keep telling me I am swinging too fast, whatever that means. All I know is that the more I listen to them, the shorter I hit it and the more whop duds I hit. I scored 112 the other day! Disgusting!

More Than Just Golf

It’s not just about golf either. Playing like this has destroyed some of my business deals. Seriously! How can I talk business with the CEO of Steelcase when I’m in the woods looking for my ball the entire round! And all this negative energy from the golf course is making me grumpy at the office. The staff knows it, our clients know it. Hell, my wife even knows it!

Pure Iron Shot After Pure Iron Shot

Then, I was at the range the other day and this lady was hitting balls a few yards away. I watched in amazement as she effortlessly hit iron shot after iron shot right down the middle of the practice range. Finally I walked over and asked her how she was able to hit the ball so straight and so far with so little effort. I mean, it looked like she was just dancing with the club. Amazing consistency!

She just said that she had played golf for a long time and always did her best to have good rhythm.

What on earth does that mean? Good rhythm? Do I need to join a Blues Band? I’m a pretty good athlete and all, I’ve got some good balance, could shoot 3 pointers like they were going out of style. I think I have pretty good rhythm. But my ball always seems like it is laughing at me as it slices into the woods. 

Finally Make Sense

Is there an answer? I would just love for something to finally make sense. Why am I really so inconsistent? What do I need to do to solve the problem? Is my problem solvable? I’m starting to have doubts. Maybe I should take up fishing and cancel all my golf dates with big clients like Steelcase? Please help me change my golf experience!

When Can We Start?

I’ve been looking around your website and read a few of your reports. They are really great. In fact some of my inconsistency is already starting to make sense. And you were right! My friends did tell me to transfer my weight, but they were all wrong about how to do it!

Your videos are really great and testimonials from so many other Grand Rapids golfers are outstanding. I’m sure you have a waiting list, but is there any opportunity to meet with you in the next two weeks? I’ve enclosed my business card. Please call me right away. My golf game, my business, and my sanity depend on it!

Your hopeful but frustrated golfer,

Biff McGee

P.S. This is super important to me. I can no longer stand the embarrassment my golf game brings me.