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Golf Update

Custom coaching programs are sold out for the season. Therefore, I have started a waiting list for this year and the 2017 season in addition to contracting with several additional golf instructors to help fulfill the demand.

Lastly I have moved central operations to Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center and added one additional program with me personally on Wednesday evening. Info and how to sign up is below.

Wednesday Night Coaching Program

This program is limited to the first 6 registrations for each of the 3 sessions.

Who it is for:

Golfers who play for fun and business, score between 90 and 110 and want to add 30 yards to their tee shots, gain control of their irons and for once and for all have the short game of their dreams.

What: with PGA Golf Guru Scott Seifferlein’s Epic Wednesday Night Team training guarantees results and makes golf freakin’ fun again.

How much fun? “They were all laughing when some idiot hit driver on the lay-up hole… until it landed 5 feet from the hole for eagle!” It’s fun when you are BOMBING the ball. Just ask Chuck…

The tee shot that couldn’t be hit


May 11th and 18th – How to hit it freakin’ far, Pitch Shots That Stop on a dime and an on-course* training session.

June 1st, 8th, 15 th, 22nd and 29th – Hooks and Slices, Wedge Play, Iron Play and two on-course* training sessions.

July 13th, 20th, 27 th and Aug 3 rd – Long Distance Putting, Short Distance Putting and two on-course* training sessions.

All times 7PM to 8PM

*On-course sessions are 7PM to 9PM

Investment: May $147, June $347, July/Aug $297

Whole Enchilada (that means all three months) for only $647

How to begin the fun: Call or text 616.802.4969

— Your Partner In Business Golf Success,

Scott Seifferlein
Author, Speaker & PGA Golf Guru
Founder Business Golf Mastermind
Phone: 616.802.4969

How I Played The Best Golf Of My Life At Age 70 – The Mike Griffee Story

My name is Mike Griffee. When I was about 25, friends

Best Golf At The Age of 70

Best Golf At The Age of 70

suggested I take up golf. My first warning should have come
with the fact that the word golf contains four letters. But I
bravely accepted my friends’ invitations.

The first shot of my first game was…

to read the rest of Mike’s Story click Mike Griffee Golf Story

June Junior Golf Newsletter

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In the “Father’s Day” Edition

*Brian Vander Ark and The Secret Code- Page 1

*This Month’s Bonus- Page 5

*Is Jack’s Dominant Eye The Same As Yours?- Page 2

*Once In A Lifetime Opportunity- Page 4

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June Golf Newsletter

Click Here for the June Golf Newsletter: JuneGolfNewsletternonmember

Inside This Father’s Day Edition:

Is Jack’s Dominant Eye The Same As Yours?- Page 2

Look Who’s Challenging Ray Romano- Page 4

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity- Page 6

Brian Vander Ark & The Secret Code- Page 3

This Month’s Member Bonus Gift- Page 7

Click Here for the June Golf Newsletter- JuneGolfNewsletternonmember

Brian Vander Ark

Golf Improvement Member Only Party-

Save the date August 13th, 2010. 7:30pm to 9:30pm.Brian Vander Ark will perform a poolside backyard concert for Golf Improvement Members and their spouse/girlfriend/significant other.

This is an exclusive event for you as a golf improvement member.
Here is an excerted note from Brian Vander Ark’s Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms website-
Hello everyone!
My name is Brian Vander Ark, and I am the lead singer for the band The Verve Pipe. We’ve had quite a bit of success over the last 18 years, including a couple of top 10 hits: The Freshmen and Photograph.
I’ve realized that the greatest satisfaction that I’ve had in my career in the last few years has been the times I’ve spent in the homes and backyards, performing for my fans. That’s why I’ve decided once again to do the Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms Tour this spring and summer and fall.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it – I spent each summer since 2007 traveling the country, playing at the homes of my ever-supportive fans. The first year, I was hoping for 25 shows, I booked 74 of them! 2008 – over a hundred! Needless to say, it’s been a tremendous success!

Here’s the deal: I play one hour’s worth of songs including some of your requests (songs from The Verve Pipe and my solo career) and then I hang out for an hour for photos, autographs, guitar lessons, you name it! (Please don’t ask me to paint anything!)

Here is Brian’s Website-
Invitations for RSVP and directions will be sent out soon!

Stop Slicing Five Swings Guaranteed!

April Jr. Golf Newsletter

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Masters Moments- Page 1

Shankopotumus- Page 2

How to Win on Tour: Without Hitting Fairways- Page 2

Free Golf- Page 3


April Golf Newsletter

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In this “Masters Month” Edition- How-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

Masters Moments- Page 1

Shankopotumus: The Urban Dictionary Definition- Page 2

How to Cure the Hosel Rockets: with a towel- Page 3

Hitler Quits Golf – Takes Up Bridge- Page 4

FREE Golf- Page 7
Secrets to Consistency– Page 8 

Click Here for the April Newsletter- AprilGolfNewsletternonmember