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2011 Golf Family Fun Night

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Half Day Golf School Client Comment From Lansing, MI

“Do you want to increase your golf game 10-30 yards out of the tee box? 
How about more accuracy on your short game and chipping? 
Efficiently getting out of sand taps and close to the hole? 
More 1 and 2-hole putts? 

I guarantee you won't make a better investment than signing up 
for private coaching with Scott Seifferlein, owner of I'm a very average golfer, and in a 
half day golf school, Scott helped me gain 10 yards out of the 
tee box, showed me how to chip more effectively onto the green, 
and understand how to get my putts to one or two instead of my 
usual three. He completely changed my stance, so I am grounded, 
swing from the pelvis, and increase my speed at ball contact. 
He changed my chipping grip for accuracy, and showed me the 
secret of accurate putting. Let him do the same for you. 
You won't want the lesson to stop.” - 
Gretchen Smith, Lansing, Michigan

Fred Couples Golf Sequence of Downswing

Photo 1 Photo 2 

Fred Couples At Impact

Golf Champion Success Strategy Week 16 Photos

Forward Leaning Shaft Tiger Woods

Golf Fitness Adventure Part 2

Week 3 of the Titleist Performance Institute 8 week home training course has come and gone.

As mentioned previously, I have been assigned with 4 exercises to do each week. Some on a daily

basis and some on an every other day basis. The major challenge has been adding 20 minutes to my

16 hour day. I “likes me sleep”.  Here is the 2nd of the four assigned exercises.

The Reach Roll Lift Up. The toughest of the four for me. You start by kneeling on the ground and

sitting back onto your heels. Place both arms on the floor and in front of you and reach out as far

as you can. Roll your palm to the sky, and then try to lift your arm up off the floor. Make sure you

only lift your arm, not your trunk. Repeat on the other side. Start with 2 sets of 20 reps two to four

times a week. As you gain strength add 3 to five pound weights.


*This TPI Golf Fitness Exercise may not be for you. To get your own personalized golf

fitness program contact Matt Miller at:

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation, 1195 Wilson Ave., NW Walker, MI 49534 616.784.1450,


2011 Golf Improvement Membership Special

14 spots will open up on Jan. 15th for 48 hours.

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