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Should you swing toe up to toe up?
It wasn’t too long ago that I met with a Battle Creek area golfer who had been to one of those fancy pants famous golf instructor schools in Florida that starts with an “L”. He spent the week down there learning how to swing toe up to toe up and set the angle. Now in full disclosure there are cases where I will use the term toe up to toe up and teach a version of this. But unfortunately for people trying to improve their golf swing … toe-up to toe-up has been taught so often that it has been pretty much anointed as being as important as “keeping your head down” and “keeping your left arm straight”.
Yet toe-up to toe-up is not a fundamental of the golf swing. It’s actually a technique in many cases that is making it more difficult for you to gain any consistency in your golf swing. And in the case of the golfer who went to the fancy pants golf instructor school, he was so open faced as a result of toe up to toe up that he couldn’t keep his golf ball out of Mr. Havacamp’s swimming pool.
You will find a slideshow of PGA Tour player examples of toe up in the backswing.  The real toe-up version. And there are exceptions as you will see in the slide show.
The problem is that… the rest of this article and the reason for the “exceptions” is reserved for our golf coaching members. Upgrade today for less than an overpriced fish stick at a political fundraiser to receive the complete “paid member” only edition.