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April Golf Newsletter

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In this “Masters Month” Edition- How-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

Masters Moments- Page 1

Shankopotumus: The Urban Dictionary Definition- Page 2

How to Cure the Hosel Rockets: with a towel- Page 3

Hitler Quits Golf – Takes Up Bridge- Page 4

FREE Golf- Page 7
Secrets to Consistency– Page 8 

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March Junior Golf Newsletter

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In This “Luck” Edition-  
 Rabbits Foot & Lucky Charms-  Page 1 
 Miss 43% of your fairways: And Score 6 under par- Page 2
 Hit it Farther-  Page 3
 Fitness on Vacation- Page 4

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March Golf Newsletter

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In this “Luck Month” Edition

Rabbits Foot & Lucky Charms- Page 1

Miss 43% of your Fairways: And Score 6 under par!- Page 2

Book Review- Page 4

Golf Networking Party- Page 5

Fitness on Vacation- Page 6

The $1,000 Wager- Page 8

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3D Golf Technology for High School Golfers

2010 Group Enrollment Forms

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January 2010 Golf Newsletter

January 2010 Newsletter Click Here:  JanGolfNewsletter2

In this “Thinking” EditionHow-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

  • Four Tenths of 1%: Are you ready?- Page 1
  • $295 Gift: Page 2
  • Forearm Extensors for Monster Drives: Page 3
  • Licking Your Elbow? Page 4
  • More Contests and Jack’s Birthday: Page 5
  • This Months Guest Column: Page 6
  • The Back Page: Carmen Sandiego – Page 7

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December Golf Newsletter

Don’t miss the final newsletter of the year.  Dec

Keeping You Safe & Secure from the Outside World On Planet Scott- Page 1

Are You Trying To Scam The Universe? – Page 3

Willy Wackers & Indoor Golf Tips- Page 3

Golf’s New Mad Bomber- Page 4

Golfer of The Year Contest – Page 5

You’ve Got Questions – Scott’s Got Answers – Page 5

The Back Page- Page 8

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