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Free Golf Gift From Lucas

Good morning Renegade Golfers. Lucas Seifferlein here to tell you that I have a free golf gift for you. Click Here to listen in or read below


In case you could not understand, I told you to get the free gift “Cause, it’s Daddy’s birthday, I’m going to give you, a free gift”  

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by the way, you had better read it all because it took me a long time to type it all out. It’s not easy being 2 ya’ know!

Thanks and be sure to say Happy B-day to my daddy. 

by “Mighty” Joe Stankowski
So what specific fitness skills should a golfer develop?
(I’m glad you finally asked!)
1)      Proprioceptive awareness (this is what the yoga crowd refers to as “mind-muscle connection”)
2)      ACTIVE Range of Motion
3)      Stability-endurance


NOTHING will help you swing a club better than quality repetition of that activity.  But as they say, “perfect practice makes perfect”.
Though t it’s hard to practice perfectly if you can’t consistently reproduce joint angles and movements.  Even with your PGA swing coach standing over you telling you to keep your arms straight, turn your wrists, etc – if you can’t FEEL those motions, it’s hard to recreate them with any degree of regularity.
This has nothing to do with developing big muscles; instead, this skill is a function of
your nervous system.
One of the simplest exercises to quickly improve your ‘mind-muscle connection’ is to stand on one foot.
Yes, I’m serious.
Wherever you are right now, stand up – preferably with bare feet – and see how long you can balance on one leg without hanging on to any external support or compensating by contorting all over the place.
I have yet to find an untrained adult who can control this position for even 30 seconds without grabbing onto a chair or bracing their raised foot against their stationary leg for support, so don’t feel bad if you find yourself using a little toe-tapping to help you stay upright in the beginning.
In fact, what you’ll probably find is that 10-15 seconds into this drill, you’ll begin to FEEL your foot and ankle making progressively bigger adjustments.  That’s a good thing.  You’re stimulating your nervous system to become aware of weight shift, changes in muscle tension, etc.
Unlike muscles which can take days to recover from a strenuous workout, the nervous system adapts very quickly, so you can see improvements almost immediately and you can perform this exercise several times daily.  When you fatigue, take a short break before switching to the other leg.
As soon as you’re able to control this exercise for a full 30 seconds, try doing it again – but this time with your eyes closed.
A funny thing happens when you remove 1/5 of your senses – especially sight – from a neutrally engaging exercise such as this: you’re forced to rely even MORE on your ability to feel.  That is exactly what we want.  It gives you a better sense of control in all movements (including the golf swing!)
If/when you’re able to master that progression, take it to an even higher level yet by… to get the rest of this golf fitness book and two of the most important exercises for your golf game for FREE go to 

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