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Half Day Golf School Client Comment From Lansing, MI

“Do you want to increase your golf game 10-30 yards out of the tee box? 
How about more accuracy on your short game and chipping? 
Efficiently getting out of sand taps and close to the hole? 
More 1 and 2-hole putts? 

I guarantee you won't make a better investment than signing up 
for private coaching with Scott Seifferlein, owner of I'm a very average golfer, and in a 
half day golf school, Scott helped me gain 10 yards out of the 
tee box, showed me how to chip more effectively onto the green, 
and understand how to get my putts to one or two instead of my 
usual three. He completely changed my stance, so I am grounded, 
swing from the pelvis, and increase my speed at ball contact. 
He changed my chipping grip for accuracy, and showed me the 
secret of accurate putting. Let him do the same for you. 
You won't want the lesson to stop.” - 
Gretchen Smith, Lansing, Michigan

Michigan Golfers

Here’s What Grand Rapids, Michigan Golfers have to say: clientcomments

For my business clients

Here is an article by Dan Kennedy I thought you might find interesting -Please feel free to forward this article to anyone who might be considering joining GKIC. Remember the next meeting is Thursday August 20, 2009 at 4990 Cascade S.E. On Cascade between Forest Hills and Spaulding on the south side of the street.

Why People Fail

A series of No B.S.  Articles from Dan Kennedy


The Billionaire’s Secrets: OPM, OPR and OPC

(You may need them now, more than ever.)


Up in the air. It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s SuperDan. By the time you read this, I will have flown to four cities and presented my ‘no-fail follow-up seminar’ and autographed books for four groups in L.A., Chicago, NYC and Orlando. And boy, are my arms tired. At age 20, this might have been fun. It still beats working for a living in a job. But it is annoying every time I hear politicians, particularly a certain recent presidential candidate, demonizing me for my success and suggesting that the Grand Canyon gap between my high income and others’ low incomes is evil and must be narrowed by government theft. In a recent episode of Gene Simmons’ show, his daughter ruefully said to him, “I think I’m taking on your work ethic.” To which he said, “Good.”  I’m afraid I’m NOT the kind of Kool-Aid® the no-work-crowd wants to drink. I drive them away from Glazer-Kennedy with this kind of talk. I’m not sorry. And now that an overly generous economy has turned irritable and more demanding, and businesspeople and salespeople are having to dig in and work, I’m hearing a lot of whining. Most salespeople haven’t worked in ages. I was comparing notes about this with a friend last week and neither of us could even remember the last time we were “prospected” by a salesperson, followed up on by a salesperson we’ve previously bought something from. There’s crying in the car business, but no salesman or dealer from whom I’ve purchased new cars in the past 5 years has contacted me.  There’s mass exodus of real estate agents in surrender, but none I’ve purchased a property from has contacted me to sell me another. Retail: from the clothing store in my hometown where I spent $1800.00 in my first visit two years ago…from the clothing store in my other home city, where I spent $500.00 on first visit…from a store in Vegas where I spent $2,000.00 on cowboy boots , no salesman has attempted contact.  May they all be fired. May they all starve. 


Yes, in my WEALTH ATTRACTION book, I write in-depth about liberating yourself from the Work-Money Link. But I never said: don’t work, period. Nor did I suggest resenting it. I talked about injecting leverage into the equation, as many ways as possible: better customer or client selection; premium prices or fees with higher profit margins; better systems, delegation, outsourcing; smart use of media in place of manual labor; smart time management; money wisely invested. But I never suggested any or all of it as a substitute for work. I presented it as an enhancement of work. It would be more accurate, I suppose, to talk about breaking the strict hours for dollars link.


Leverage. So I want to promote my books. To do my four events in four cities in four consecutive days I used a chartered jet costing over $45,000.00. Sure, I could have flown commercial for a fraction of that cost; if careful and not choosy about routes and time, for as little as $3,000.00. But not done in a four day window. Done this way to minimize consumption of one of my most valuable assets, my time. Besides, I got InfusionSoft to pay for it. When self-made billionaire W. Clement Stone talked about “OPM” – Other Peoples’ Money – I listened very carefully.  Plus, I tapped into InfusionSoft’s lists, and laid the burden of logistics on them. But this also allowed me to tap into Glazer-Kennedy lists and media in a different way, providing Bill with a way to serve Members, promote to non-Members, and support our Independent Business Advisors in four major markets at zero out-of-pocket cost. I created “banked leverage” with current or prospective publisher(s) by doing promotion few other authors could or would do. I hear you: “but I’m not an author and not interested in promoting books, so this doesn’t apply to me.”  You wish I would talk about YOUR business – be it selling insurance or installing draperies or blacksmithing.  But this is the way of all Renegade Millionaires: they’re masters at creating time efficient promotion for themselves and their businesses, with someone else picking up the tab.  OPM, OPR, and OPC: other peoples’ money, other peoples’ resources and other peoples’ customers.  But make no mistake: it’s not about avoiding work. In those four days, I did four days of hard, high pressure, exhausting work. But I’m leveraging it every way I can.


The WHY PEOPLE FAIL articles are provided by Dan S. Kennedy, serial entrepreneur, from-scratch multi-millionaire, speaker, consultant, coach, author of 13 books including the No B.S. series (, and editor of The No B.S. Marketing Letter. WE HAVE ARRANGED A SPECIAL FREE GIFT FROM DAN FOR YOU including a 2-Month Free Membership in Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, newsletters, audio CD’s and more: for information and to register, visit:


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