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Golf Champion Success Strategy Week 16 Photos

Forward Leaning Shaft Tiger Woods

Golf Smarter Podcast

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PGA Hall of Famer Dr. Gary Wiren Coming To Grand Rapids

with PGA Member Scott Seifferlein, a Fabulous Golf School July 31st.

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2010 Goals

Expert Author and Speaker Brian Tracy recently shared with us a secret about achieving your goals. My wife and I followed his first suggestion. That being writing down the goals. The 2nd step is to share those goals with those around you. This being the accountability factor. But I think this step goes beyond the accountability factor. I think that announcing your goals to those around you will inspire them to help you achieve your goals. So with that in mind I am going to share ten of our 20 goals for 2010 (in no particular order). And I look forward to meeting with any of you who could help us achieve those goals. Either through your business or your connections. Feel free to sell to us!

Please list the goals that you want to be held accountable for in the comments section.

2010 Goals for Scott & Mary Seifferlein 

  • Go on one date per month
  • Lease a Lexus, Mercedes or BMW
  • Redecorate the living room
  • Help 100 golfers achieve greatness through the Golf Improvement Memberships
  • Read one child development book or article per month
  • Help Lucas play sports
  • Play in 5 PGA Tournaments
  • Buy a rental property
  • Volunteer at Church
  • Take a 3 Day Vacation to Chicago