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Champion Success Strategy: Week 2

Make 2013 The Year of Process

Hi Scott,

“People in the habit of losing overvalue victories and undervalue the process required to win. They want the thrill of the breakthrough, not the toil that comes before it. People in the habit of winning are the opposite: They find value and satisfaction in the preparation process.” – John C. Maxwell

I came across this quote by John C. Maxwell last weekend and added it to my keynote presentation about Grinding. It is one I perform for corporate America but applies just as much to your golf game.

I’m not only talking about the process you use to hit a golf shot, but all the processes throughout the entire round of golf, including pre-round and post-round activities. Processes for your pre-round meal, your evening preparations prior to the tournament, the way you mark your golf ball, the number of tees you keep in your pocket, the number of balls you hit to warm up, the number of seconds in your pre-shot routine, the steps you take to evaluate your round, your post round work out (or 19th hole) and even down to the process of how you breath in the car on the way to the event. These are all important processes to be consistent with, respect and relentlessly and selfishly protect and guard from distractions and indefiniteness.

But your processes need not be static forever. They must be flexible to change when necessary. Edison became famous for inventing the light bulb, but what he was lesser known for were the 10,000 processes he used to NOT invent the light bulb. Adjusting and adapting all along the way until he found the process that finally worked.

Your challenge this week is to right down at least 30 processes that you would use pre-round, in-round and post-round. Ask yourself if you respect them, repeat them and have confidence in them. Consider possible adjustments that would make them better and move forward towards a record 2013!

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