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April Jr. Golf Newsletter

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Masters Moments- Page 1

Shankopotumus- Page 2

How to Win on Tour: Without Hitting Fairways- Page 2

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April Golf Newsletter

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In this “Masters Month” Edition- How-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

Masters Moments- Page 1

Shankopotumus: The Urban Dictionary Definition- Page 2

How to Cure the Hosel Rockets: with a towel- Page 3

Hitler Quits Golf – Takes Up Bridge- Page 4

FREE Golf- Page 7
Secrets to Consistency– Page 8 

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Alternate Route for I-196 to The Highlands Golf Club

Options for my friends from Cascade, EGR & Ada- The I-196 Highway through downtown is now closed until the end of August. Not to fear, you can still find your way to The Highlands. If you like highway driving, I recommend you take 96 around town to the northwest side and get off at Walker Ave. (see directions below) I took the liberty of driving this route for you. It adds 4 minutes and 11 seconds to the time it took you to go through downtown on I-196 before it was closed.

Original Route from East Beltline on I-196 through downtown to Lake MI drive to The Highlands- 9.6 miles and 11 minutes 17 seconds.

Alternate Route Directions and Time: East Beltline and I-96 around town to the north to Walker Ave. Go south on Walker Ave to Covell, make a right and another quick right onto Richmond, Richmond to Oakleigh, left on Oakleigh to Leonard, right on Leonard to The Highlands- 13.9 miles and 15 minutes 22 seconds.

You may also discover alternate routes through downtown to Lake MI drive or you may take I-196 towards downtown and get off at College right before the highway closes. Take College north to Leonard and Leonard all the way to the course.

PGA Hall of Famer Coming to Grand Rapids

Spring 2010                                SCOTT SEIFFERLEIN – (616)802-4969

PGA Hall of Famer Coming to Grand Rapids

    Golfers across West Michigan will now have an opportunity to meet one of only three golfers in the world to have been inducted into The PGA Hall of Fame, and The World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame! Dr. Gary Wiren is one of the most recognized teachers of the game and he will be coming to Grand Rapids on July 31st.

    Dr. Wiren has written or participated in the writing of over 200 magazine articles and 11 books. His latest, “When Golf Is a Ball,” was selected as the “best golf book in the year 2004.” He has 13 film credits, four videos on the market including the award-winning, “The Fascinating World of Golf,” and has taught, privately, in groups, at seminars and stage performances, over 250,000 people in 34 countries.
    “We are pleased to partner with Dr. Gary Wiren and offer an award winning one day golf school to the people of Grand Rapids. Dr. Wiren is sure to entertain and educate our audience about the wonderful world of golf.” said PGA Golf Guru and owner of Scott Seifferlein

    Dr. Wiren will be conducting the one day golf school at The Highlands Golf Club on July 31st. More details on his bio and fact sheet can be viewed at

    Scott Seifferlein is a very outspoken golf guru and author of EBay’s hottest selling Golf EBook who teaches golfers how to have outrageously successful golf experiences.  To interview him and obtain more details about the golf school with Dr. Gary Wiren call (616)802-4969.


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