At Wits End With The Game of Golf

This Is It! I’m At My Wits End!

Dear Scott,

I’m not sure this golf thing is for me. I’m at my wits end and if I can’t add 20 yards to my drive, hit it straighter and stop the whop duds with my irons, then I’m going to take up backgammon. My golf game is so embarrassing right now!

It’s embarrassing to me. It’s got to be embarrassing to my playing partners too. My game really looks bad when they invite me to Cascade Hills, Kent, Egypt Valley and Watermark. Everybody is watching me hit these duff shots. To play this poorly in front of clients at the premier clubs in Grand Rapids is completely unacceptable.

And all this advice I keep getting from my friends about keeping my head down and left arm straight – you guessed it – only makes me hit more whop duds. I just can’t figure out how to get consistency in my golf game! 

I am so desperate for a solution that will change all of that AND turn me into the consistent golfer I dream to be.

Solid & Consistent Golf

So what will it take for me to get solid and consistent with the golf ball? And how do I hit it straighter off the tee? I’d love an extra 20 yards too, but heck, for now, I would just take straight!

It’s just so damn frustrating!

The information I am getting from magazines and Youtube videos certainly isn’t doing the trick. And my friends just keep telling me I am swinging too fast, whatever that means. All I know is that the more I listen to them, the shorter I hit it and the more whop duds I hit. I scored 112 the other day! Disgusting!

More Than Just Golf

It’s not just about golf either. Playing like this has destroyed some of my business deals. Seriously! How can I talk business with the CEO of Steelcase when I’m in the woods looking for my ball the entire round! And all this negative energy from the golf course is making me grumpy at the office. The staff knows it, our clients know it. Hell, my wife even knows it!

Pure Iron Shot After Pure Iron Shot

Then, I was at the range the other day and this lady was hitting balls a few yards away. I watched in amazement as she effortlessly hit iron shot after iron shot right down the middle of the practice range. Finally I walked over and asked her how she was able to hit the ball so straight and so far with so little effort. I mean, it looked like she was just dancing with the club. Amazing consistency!

She just said that she had played golf for a long time and always did her best to have good rhythm.

What on earth does that mean? Good rhythm? Do I need to join a Blues Band? I’m a pretty good athlete and all, I’ve got some good balance, could shoot 3 pointers like they were going out of style. I think I have pretty good rhythm. But my ball always seems like it is laughing at me as it slices into the woods. 

Finally Make Sense

Is there an answer? I would just love for something to finally make sense. Why am I really so inconsistent? What do I need to do to solve the problem? Is my problem solvable? I’m starting to have doubts. Maybe I should take up fishing and cancel all my golf dates with big clients like Steelcase? Please help me change my golf experience!

When Can We Start?

I’ve been looking around your website and read a few of your reports. They are really great. In fact some of my inconsistency is already starting to make sense. And you were right! My friends did tell me to transfer my weight, but they were all wrong about how to do it!

Your videos are really great and testimonials from so many other Grand Rapids golfers are outstanding. I’m sure you have a waiting list, but is there any opportunity to meet with you in the next two weeks? I’ve enclosed my business card. Please call me right away. My golf game, my business, and my sanity depend on it!

Your hopeful but frustrated golfer,

Biff McGee

P.S. This is super important to me. I can no longer stand the embarrassment my golf game brings me.

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Golf Putting Secrets

Golf Pro Uses Ancient Gravitational Secrets To Make Everything.

I arrived at the putting green this morning for a 7am coaching session. For whatever reason my client slept through his alarm clock and I took his time slot to coach myself on putting. It’s been almost a year since I practiced my putting. So I thought I would be a little rusty. Not wanting to practice the wrong way, I immediately pulled out the secret sauce I started using 13 years ago. It’s the same secret sauce I used to average 9 one putts per round to win the West Michigan PGA Championship on the gigantic greens at Quail Ridge.

8 in a row from 4 feet!

12 in a row from 8 feet!

I made the first 20 putts I took! That’s crazy considering PGA Tour players make 49% from 8 feet and 86% from four feet.

Next I dropped back to 16 feet. Surely I would not be able to make putts from this far back. Especially after not practicing for an entire year! Once again I set up my secret sauce on the 16 footer and what do you know, I putted 50 of them and made 17! A whopping 34% compared to the PGA Tour average of 20% from 16 feet!

What is the secret sauce?

I thought you’d never ask!

I’ve been using this secret sauce for 13 years and it’s about time I shared it with the masses. It is a secret distance control system that gives you near perfect and many times perfect distance control on each and every putt you take. Not only that but it also increases your directional accuracy. It’s called the 60/40 TLC 931 Putting Stroke Trainer© System. And it uses gravitational forces to allow you to effortlessly roll your putts a consistent distance. Gravity has been around since ancient times, now there is a system to make it work for your putting!

How Can You Get The Secret Sauce?

As much as I’d love to ship each and every one of you the secret sauce, due to logistics (i.e. the elves at always complain about packaging and shipping projects), it is better that I just give you the information and you can put it together on your end.

Only Thing You’ll Need

All you need to do is pick up a tape measure (a yardstick will also work, but a retractable tape measure works best). Additionally, you may want a permanent marker and/or a package of small circle stickers, like these- Sticker Example  to help facilitate the function of the tape measure and the distance control system.

Here’s How You Can Acquire The Secret Sauce

Simply click here and you will be directed to the shopping cart where you can use your credit card or paypal options to acquire the Effortless Putting System.

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Cool Gift For Responding By July 31st

Just for fun, if you respond by July 31st, I’m going to throw in an extra bonus. It’s a strokes gained spreadsheet and highlights the percentage of one putts, two putts and three putts from 1 foot to 100 feet on the PGA Tour. I painstakingly entered all the formulas so you could enter your own data and automatically see how your putting stacks up to the PGA Tour for every single distance from 1 to 100 feet!

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Money Back Guarantee

If after implementing the system for four weeks you can honestly say that it is not the all time greatest distance control secret you have ever discovered, and you can honestly say you have not improved your distance control, simply request your money back and I will send you a 100% no questions asked, no weasel clause, fiat money refund.


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Your Partner In Golf Success,

Scott Seifferlein

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