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My Printer’s Mistake Is Your Opportunity!!

My Printer Totally Goofed… and made an extra 8 copies of the July “member only” newsletter. I’ve already read it (I wrote it 🙂 ) and really don’t need any more bird cage liner. So I thought I would pass it along to you, my loyal social media follower… for FREE.  To the first 8 responders.
Here’s what’s included…
*10 birdie creators that will give you no right to complain about the lack of good golf scores
*Golf outing tips that will put $ in your pocket
*FREE Renegade Putter Event- You don’t want to miss this!
*$20 Gift Certificate for your peeps!
*What you can extract from the word American
*Tour pro secrets and much more!
All packed into one newsletter mailed straight to your doorstep.  Printing, licking, stamping and all the labor included.  All for just $5 shipping and handling.  Send payment through Paypal to
And Thank My Printer!!

July Junior Golf Newsletter

Click Here for the July 2010 Junior Golf Newsletter- JulyJrGolfNewsletternonmember
Inside this Freedom Month edition:

  • Cutting Your Teeth- Page 1
  • 10 Birdie Creators- Page 1
  • Rules Question of The Month- Page 2
  • Can You Be a Renegade Putter- Page 3
Click Here for the July 2010 Junior Golf Newsletter- JulyJrGolfNewsletternonmember

July Golf Newsletter

July 2010 Newsletter Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletternonmember

In this “Freedom Month” Edition:
  • Diaper Freedom- Page 1
  • 10 Birdie Creators- Page 2
  • Field Trip O’ The Month: Yes, I actually play golf- Page 3
  • Rules Question of The Month: Page 4
  • Stay Cool On The Course- Page 5
  • Renegade Putter Event- Page 6
  • Free from Entitlement- Page 7

July 2010 Newsletter Click Here: JulyGolfNewsletternonmember

Independence Month

Another Independence Month Quote-  As I played Railside yesterday in a non-profit golf outing President Obama’s helicopters flew over the course on a trial run for his Thursday trip to Holland.  Ironically, I was playing golf with Doctors who will have their ability to give back to society severely hampered by the president’s policies.  It reminded me of this quote by Dan Kennedy- “Ask for nothing you don’t earn, make no apologies for having anything you do, and fight like a cornered tiger against those who would seek to compel apology or steal the fruits of your ingenuity, investment and labor.”  Happy Independence Month (what’s left of your independence anyways)

Golf Smarter Podcast

Click Here to learn about the cure for a slice in Five Swings!

Breaking 80 Before Ray Romano

Bob Bishop has completed the first four weeks in the six week breaking 80 before Ray Romano Project.


Here are the weekly updates-

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4: