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Scariest Golf Swing Contest Winner

All the entries have been compiled and a winner has been selected.

Congratulations Dick Lenger of Kentwood, MI. You have won $600

for your submission of your scary golf swing and the movie The Abyss.

Here is the winning Entry:

My golf swing represents “The ABYSS

Scene 1: The Hole  A deep, dark, bottomless lake lies silently waiting on the entire left side of the 600 yard long par 5.  Here and there a lone tree interrupts the long, tantalizing edge of the black abyss.  On the right looms a seemingly innocent sand trap, which hides steep sides and even stairs within its “delicate”, manicured sandy bottom.  The time is late afternoon and dusk is rapidly approaching, sending long ominous shadows across the sliver of a fairway.

Scene 2:  The Set up  Confident and smiling, I hopped into the golf cart, oblivious to the danger ahead, as I relive the birdie that kept my hopes alive for my first par round on this course.   The earlier bogie that loomed up to try to spoil the round still left a sour taste in my mouth.  The hole is a simple par 4, 350 yards with a little trouble on both sides, but brought down to size by a booming 256 yard drive that split the middle of the velvet smooth fairway, then a simple pitch with a wedge landed softly on the green to leave a long, but makeable birdie attempt.  I did not take into account the fast green, and blew the putt 10 feet past the hole, THREE putting to spoil a great round.   That could have ruined my round, but with renewed hope I drove to # 17, confident that my accomplishments on the first 16 holes made me invincible.

Scene 3:  Pre-shot  I step out of the cart, grab my driver and confidently walk up to the middle tees.  As I place my ball on the tee, a slight wind sends a chill down my back.  I straighten up and begin my pre-shot routine, look down the fairway (that suddenly looks very, very narrow), block out possible bad shots, and pick a spot on the left center of the fairway to allow for the slight slice that has become a part of my swing for the last several hours.  I did notice the breeze that chilled me earlier, blowing across my right shoulder, but it did not seem all that strong (it rarely does when autopilot is part of the pre-shot routine).

Scene 4: The SHOT  Confidently, I step up to the ball, look one last time at the place where my ball WILL land, then adjust ever so slightly.  The backswing is a thing of beauty, smooth, slow, deliberate, the knees slightly bent, but stationary, then the swing of doom starts.  (It’s like an out-of-body experience) I feel the club swing in a smooth circular arc, the hands slightly ahead of the club face, the whole thing advancing on an unstoppable trajectory, and then the wrists bend slightly, moving the clubface a little more closed.  The impact with the ball is solid with a sound like a rifle shot that makes the heart skip a beat.  The follow through is precise with a little inside out arc that for the first time all day, spins the ball to create a draw.  The slight breeze now feels like a gale and helplessly I watch as the ball is carried in a high slowly turning path to the water.

Richard Lenger

Kentwood, MI


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